May 2005

The Return of Dan Kolb?

With the recent upheaval of the closers position whether by injury (Eric Gagne and Armando Benitez) or flat out ineffectiveness coupled with some controversy see Danny Graves. Graves With all this madness and by Cory Schwartz’s count 17 teams have had turnover lies Dan Kolb of Atlanta. Being a Kolb owner and someone who should have known better at least early on I really thought he would hold on. He did not and lost the job to either Adam Bernero and or Chris Reitsma. This take us to Monday night May, 23rd. Bobby Cox with a 8-5 lead in the ninth replaces Reitsma with Kolb because "It came up perfect for him to do it". What Cox meant was it’s the bottom of an NL lineup so why not. Kolb was scheduled to face Chris Woodward, Mike DiFelice and the pitchers spot. He gives up a HR to Woodward, K’s DiFelice then Piazza Kolbpinch hitting. One bad two very good, 9 ERA but 2 K’s. Jose Reyes then triples and Miguel Cairo walks.  Oh man we have seen this before! However Kolb would prevail as he K’s Mike Cameron which as hot as Cam is he’s been known to dabble in the K. Game over Kolb gets his 11th save and his ERA goes from 6.11 to 6.27. Another great moment in 2005’s closer carousel.

How to Choose

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So a question came up on Monday’s show about who to trade Bronson Arroyo or Jason Marquis. I knew in 05′ so far these guys were extremely close in wins, ERA and WHIP, but wasnt sure about K’s. I looked it up and Marquis Marquishad 5 W’s to Arroyo’s 4, Marquis ERA and WHIP are 3.17 and 1.02 to Arroyo’s 3.21 and 1.07. Pretty **** close huh? So what’s the deciding factor, it has to be K’s. Let’s take a peek. In 54 innings Marquis has 32 K’s. Arroyo in 54 has 31. We are still stuck so now what?Arroyo  Ok, how about chances of success. They are both on the defending league champions! So I finally whittled it down and came to this conclusion. Even though I think Arroyo will make close to 30 starts because of the question marks surrounding Wells, Miller and Schilling and the fact he’s been outstanding so far I’d still rather have Marquis. Marquis is locked in at #3 in the rotation at worst. Arroyo is currently the 3 but could move down and if he moves down to 5 at some point he might miss some starts due to rain etc.. so finally if we are going to base the decision on K’s because the rest is so even can’t we assume that Marquis will win out because he’ll pitch more innings? We’ll find out.

On the offensive side when all things are equal choose the lefty!!!!!!!!


seeing is believing

Finally got my butt to a game this year that I could sit back in the stands with a hat on, have a cold one and a hot dog and study some players. Here are some thoughts.

Kevin Brown:  Brown_blog_051005Nothing that Mel Stottlemyre doesnt know but Brown is leaving his stuff way up. What helps is that Oakland can’t hit right now and while he was finally good in the first inning he loaded the bases with no outs in the second and escaped because lets face it a lineup that cant score isnt getting a darn thing from their 7-9 hitters. Brown overall though was inpressive in 7 SO IP but he needs to carry it over to deserve fantasy status again.

Rich Harden: Wow, he was dealing and ran into some bad luck but he is getting close to stud status and consistently hit from 94-97 then would throw some breaking stuff that is filthy. A-Rod took him for a ride but it’s A-Rod who no matter how much you dislike him is an incredible player.

Eric Chavez: Here is what worries me now about Chavez now that I’ve seen him in person, he shouldn’t look this bad against a right hander, he is flailing and seems to have lost his confidence. If he was confident right now he would’nt have asked Macha if he should bump him down in the lineup.

In the near future Yankee Stadium will be gone and a new state of the art place will be up. I’ll miss that place you always remember where you fell in love with the game and it was at a Yankee A’s game many years ago where Ken Phelps hit a pinch hit walk off 3run HR off Eck that I remember thinking I could be around this forever.

p.s dont eat a hot dog and a cinnabon pretzel within 30 minutes of each other I was moaning the whole ride home like a kid at midnight on halloween.


The Hawk

Ooh, my first post!

So while I’m not sold on the notion that you have to have some special "intestional fortitude" or "veteran leadership" or whatever to be a closer, man, LaTroy Hawkins gagged on it today. Sure, one of the hits was a little 20-feet bleeder, and his defense let him down, but HE was the defender who let him down, and  it came after he snared a line drive of a ball that was utterly smoked by Polanco. I like that the Cubs are giving Hawkins another chance to close, but no doubt that’s out of necessity, and only until Borowski gets back. If Borowski is available in your league, grab him… he’ll take over right away, and should hold the job until the Cubs make a deal. Hawkins is the better pitcher but his days as closer are less than numbered… they’re on life support.

See ya on Tuesday! — Cory

Siano, Klayman and Schwartz

First BLOG Entry

This is the first entry. I’ll try and get Cory and Vinny to jump on from time to time as well but I’m very protective of my stuff. Been thinking alot about the way all good laid plans go to waste. Went into 2 Draft and Leagues this year with the same strategy of drafting pitching late. Stayed with it completely in one league by not taking a starter till round 10 (mussina) and would have in other league as well had The Unit not be there at 22. Anyway on one team I am 171 innings over the limit the other about 100 under. How the **** did that happen? Last thing, if you like a guy in mixed leagues you have to like him in non-mixed so why did I get Brian Roberts in both my mixed league but none of my Al Only’s? becuase I’m stupid thats why. See ya at 11 a.m.