First BLOG Entry

This is the first entry. I’ll try and get Cory and Vinny to jump on from time to time as well but I’m very protective of my stuff. Been thinking alot about the way all good laid plans go to waste. Went into 2 Draft and Leagues this year with the same strategy of drafting pitching late. Stayed with it completely in one league by not taking a starter till round 10 (mussina) and would have in other league as well had The Unit not be there at 22. Anyway on one team I am 171 innings over the limit the other about 100 under. How the **** did that happen? Last thing, if you like a guy in mixed leagues you have to like him in non-mixed so why did I get Brian Roberts in both my mixed league but none of my Al Only’s? becuase I’m stupid thats why. See ya at 11 a.m.


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