The Hawk

Ooh, my first post!

So while I’m not sold on the notion that you have to have some special "intestional fortitude" or "veteran leadership" or whatever to be a closer, man, LaTroy Hawkins gagged on it today. Sure, one of the hits was a little 20-feet bleeder, and his defense let him down, but HE was the defender who let him down, and  it came after he snared a line drive of a ball that was utterly smoked by Polanco. I like that the Cubs are giving Hawkins another chance to close, but no doubt that’s out of necessity, and only until Borowski gets back. If Borowski is available in your league, grab him… he’ll take over right away, and should hold the job until the Cubs make a deal. Hawkins is the better pitcher but his days as closer are less than numbered… they’re on life support.

See ya on Tuesday! — Cory


No doubt. Amazing how badly this team is looking right now.

Hey did you notice the other night. Due to Baker’s lack of faith in his bullpen, Zambrano had to go the entire game, and ran his pitch count up to 136. 136!!!!! And he is 24 years old!!!

Looks like Zambrano will be abused until either:

a) Baker is fired, or

b) The Cubs get something the resembles a reliable bullpen.

If I were a Zambrano owner, I would be extremely concerned.


Brisbane, Australia.

Who IS the closer for the Cubd right now?
Dempster, Borowski or someone else?

That should be *Cubs*…

That should be *Cubs*…

Looks like Dempster is the man for now, or at least up to Prior’s injury. If they pull Dempster back to the rotation, looks like The Big Borowski could be closing again.

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