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So a question came up on Monday’s show about who to trade Bronson Arroyo or Jason Marquis. I knew in 05′ so far these guys were extremely close in wins, ERA and WHIP, but wasnt sure about K’s. I looked it up and Marquis Marquishad 5 W’s to Arroyo’s 4, Marquis ERA and WHIP are 3.17 and 1.02 to Arroyo’s 3.21 and 1.07. Pretty **** close huh? So what’s the deciding factor, it has to be K’s. Let’s take a peek. In 54 innings Marquis has 32 K’s. Arroyo in 54 has 31. We are still stuck so now what?Arroyo  Ok, how about chances of success. They are both on the defending league champions! So I finally whittled it down and came to this conclusion. Even though I think Arroyo will make close to 30 starts because of the question marks surrounding Wells, Miller and Schilling and the fact he’s been outstanding so far I’d still rather have Marquis. Marquis is locked in at #3 in the rotation at worst. Arroyo is currently the 3 but could move down and if he moves down to 5 at some point he might miss some starts due to rain etc.. so finally if we are going to base the decision on K’s because the rest is so even can’t we assume that Marquis will win out because he’ll pitch more innings? We’ll find out.

On the offensive side when all things are equal choose the lefty!!!!!!!!



I think 2 other factors play an important part in this kind of decision.

1. Look at the division they play in.

With the unbalanced schedule there are so many more division games. The offensive lineups in the AL East are sheer murder. Even the ‘lowly’ rays have scored more runs than half of the teams in the majors.

The only really scary offense in the NL Central is the team Marquis pitches for.

2. Look at career trajectories.

In this case its more or less even. Steady improvement for both. But in some cases its pretty evident whos on their way up and whos on their way down (or at least is unpredicatble/erratic).

Its a good topic. Thanks for bringing it up Mike.

Great show.



I agree, the offenses in the AL East are much scarier. The deciding factor for me would be that Marquis gets to face the pitcher every game, Arroyo doesn’t.


Brisbane, Australia

Shezad and Ryan, thanks for checking in, good point about the divsions.


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