The Return of Dan Kolb?

With the recent upheaval of the closers position whether by injury (Eric Gagne and Armando Benitez) or flat out ineffectiveness coupled with some controversy see Danny Graves. Graves With all this madness and by Cory Schwartz’s count 17 teams have had turnover lies Dan Kolb of Atlanta. Being a Kolb owner and someone who should have known better at least early on I really thought he would hold on. He did not and lost the job to either Adam Bernero and or Chris Reitsma. This take us to Monday night May, 23rd. Bobby Cox with a 8-5 lead in the ninth replaces Reitsma with Kolb because "It came up perfect for him to do it". What Cox meant was it’s the bottom of an NL lineup so why not. Kolb was scheduled to face Chris Woodward, Mike DiFelice and the pitchers spot. He gives up a HR to Woodward, K’s DiFelice then Piazza Kolbpinch hitting. One bad two very good, 9 ERA but 2 K’s. Jose Reyes then triples and Miguel Cairo walks.  Oh man we have seen this before! However Kolb would prevail as he K’s Mike Cameron which as hot as Cam is he’s been known to dabble in the K. Game over Kolb gets his 11th save and his ERA goes from 6.11 to 6.27. Another great moment in 2005’s closer carousel.

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I happened to see that game, and when seeing Danny Kolb pitch, I feel that (1) He’s guiding his pitches and (2) He has no clue of what he’s throwing. The reason for Kolb’s success had been getting batters out shown by his 2003 and 2004 stats, while not walking anybody. Aside from those years, by having a walk in every 1.5 innings and a WHIP of 1.7 (eye-balling those numbers), in my hindsight, if you drafted Kolb before round 12, I honestly thought you were crazy, even if he pitches in Atlanta. There have been very few soft-tossing closers to be successful, and he doesn’t have a great pitch. Although he does throw a 90+mph fastball, it’s often hittable. The way I see it, it’s more of a look of his approach at the plate to a hitter, with his soft-tossing stuff.

– Akil (Queens, NY)

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