June 2005

Cutting Arms

Believe me I love middle relievers in baseball and fantasy baseball more then anyone but, one of the most agonizing tasks in fantasy baseball is cutting a pitcher. "Am I cutting this guy too soon" we ask ourselves then do it anyway and he throws 8 scoreless and strikes out 9 then immediately gets claimed. My advice and I wish I took it more often is CUT MIDDLE RELIEVERS! There are more options at MR that will make you smile then the pitch or ditch roulette with starters. Confusing? Let me clear it up. Ph_121386 You picked up Cliff Lee, Kenny Rogers or Scott Kazmir this past week and they were all very good or great. Usually you would just send them to the wind and see if you can get them for their next start , but now you can’t! You have a feeling this is it! Rogers, Lee and Kazmir belong in your rotation the rest of the way or you can now trade them but to pick up a bat for a Monday or Thursday or to grab another spot starter you have to cut somebody. Cut the MR. Wait you say I have Rudy Seanz who has 12 more K’s then IP and a good WHIP and ERA plus some wins. Wait I have Bob Howry who has a WHIP under 1 and 3 wins plus a save. I hate to say it but it doesn’t matter because they or someone close or better will be around when Kazmir has that bad start or Cliff Lee pulls a muscle or Kenny Rogers comes crashing down to earth (will he?). Andy Sisco, Jesse Crain,Ph_430884  Cliff Politte, Matt Wise and Damaso Marte will all be there waiting for you when your ERA gets bloated or you want to pick up some K’s. The only relievers you should not be cutting are those who are on the cusp of closing or currently closing . Guys like Urbina, Street and Mike Gonzalez were cut in leagues and if  you picked them up at some point you will be or have been rewarded. The flip side of this works as well. Cutting Kazmir because he got roughed up by Seattle? Go back look for that MR you let loose. IfPh_283166 he is not there, sort by K’s and move down the line until you hit a reliever and his corresponding ERA and WHIP make you smile.


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