Sorry I’ve been gone so long.

First I wanted to apologize for not posting but I promise you I have been very busy. One thing that has been keeping me from Blogging has been traveling from city to city. Some observations from those travels. Joe Mauer and Jeremy Bonderman are very good ballplayers. I got to see both of them in person and was extremely impressed. Rztprldp Both approaches are solid and encouraging and I recommend them highly from here on out regardless of the numbers right now. Here are the box scores of the games I got to see in person. Mauer box score. Bonderman box score.

  Secondly I want to fess up to some bad advice. I had no idea that Chris Carpenter Ph_112020 could be THIS good. I thought maybe last year was a fluke or that he would get hurt. How wrong was I?

I also didn’t think Richard Hidalgo would be THIS bad. He is in a tremendous hitters park in Arlington. Hidalgo has killed me! I went on numerous radio shows saying this guy is going to go nuts in Ameriquest. It’s a walk year, a great lineup blah blah blah. I am embarrassed for myself and for Hidalgo.

Finally one thing I am on the fence on is Matt Clement. I have always been a big fan of Clement and thought he would do great anywhere except Fenway.  He has had 3 awful starts at home (4/26, 7/1 and 7/16) compared to one on the road. Ph_136725 So I am on the fence because I wasn’t thrilled he went to Boston because I wanted him on my teams and then stayed away but all in all he is 10-3 with a respectful these days 4.21 ERA and 101 K’s in 199.2 IP.


Good to be back

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Siano, that’s what you get for not asking your St. Louis source what the deal is. I coulda told you before the season started that Carp would be a force. Look at that K/BB rate from last year. He’s legit.

It wasn’t that long Mike, only since June 1st!!!
As for Carpenter, I traded him away early in the season because he’s my “Ted Lilly”. I wish I didn’t break up with him now…….

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