Fingers of Fury!!!!!!!!!!

Got so pumped up at doing a Blog again I was inspired to make some trades.

Trade #1 Office League 12 Team 5 x 5 Mixed Non-Keeper. 9 points out of 4th 30 out of 1st.

Traded Jose Vidro, Joe Mauer and David DeJesus for AJ Pierzynski, Bill Hall and David Dellucci. Ph_113240 Goal was to get Runs and Power and I think I accomplished that at the expense of average which I can live with. I also should come out on top with steals.

Anecdotes: Got Vidro and DeJesus off the wire. Drafted Mauer.

Trade #2 Office League 12 Team 5 x 5 Mixed Non-Keeper. 9 points out of 4th 30 out of 1st.

Traded Barry Zito, Jason Marquis and Corey Koskie for Scott Rolen Ph_121409 and Raul Ibanez. Goal was to get Runs and Power like the above trade and trim some weak bats from my lineup like Luis Matos and Jonny Gomes.

Anecdotes: Got Koskie and Marquis off the wire. Drafted Zito hated to see him go but got the start against the Angels Wednesday night.

Trade #3 AL Only 12 Team 5 x 5 Keeper.  3.5 points out of 1st.

Traded Curtis Granderson at a buck, Neal Cotts at a buck and Alex Gonzalez of TB at a buck for Carl Crawford Ph_408307 at 41 bucks. This probably will get vetoed but I will then trade same three to another GM for Garret Anderson at 22 bucks and if that fails I’ll go back to Crawford owner shorten the deal and get Richard Hidalgo who I killed in yesterday’s Blog but still can’t control myself.

Anecdotes: I want to win this league more then any other fantasy baseball league in my life! No offense 411 League.

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Mike….don’t like that 1st trade. I’m sure the other team got Dellucci and Hall off the wire too. If I was the team getting Vidro et al, I would be very happy. But what the heck do I know…..


p.s. Get Cory to do a blog too about some of his recent trades. Who cares what Cory’s mom thinks!

Deano, granted Vidro has been out and you are right on about those guys being off wire, check this out.


Pierzynski, A.J. (C) 259 64 38 12 36 0 .247

Hall, Bill (2B,3B,SS) 281 77 43 13 42 12 .274

Dellucci, David (OF) 256 70 61 17 35 4 .273

Totals 796 211 142 42 113 16 .265


Mauer, Joe (C) 257 80 29 6 33 7 .311

Vidro, Jose (2B) 150 42 24 5 20 0 .280

DeJesus, David (OF) 341 102 47 7 44 2 .299

Totals 748 224 100 18 97 9 .299

Mike, maybe I’ll do a Polish Joe imitation and follow the stats on these players from this point on, to see who “won” the trade. On another note, both Dellucci and DeJesus were cut in the Paul C Smith league today….


At first glance, I was agreeing with Deano. I Mauer has been hitting good, but it’s been a pretty empty avg. I was thinking I’d rather have Vidro too, but Hall has better hitters around him and will get more oppurtunities for putting up RBIs and getting runs. In the end, not too bad.
I think you’re taking a big chance on Rolen, but I like the idea of selling high on Zito and buying low on Rolen. This is a high risk trade, but it could bring high reward. If I knew I could get Rolen for all three of those players at the beginning of the year, I would’ve been all over that.

Brad, Rockford, IL

Mike, a Polish Joe update on the Mauer trade.
Your side: 33Runs, 11HR’s, 28RBI, 2 SB.

Cory’s side: 43Runs, 5HR’

s, 32RBI and 5SB’s.

I never worked out the average but it looks like other than Home Runs, the Mauer side wins the trade.


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