Being Aggressive Earlier

If it hasn’t happened all-ready your league’s trade deadline is fast approaching. So while you are now scrambling to get something done because you realize you need one more bat to win this thing or another mid tier closer to get in the money you may be kicking yourself for not doing something sooner. Mind you when I say sooner I mean weeks ago not last Thursday. The lack of activity that culminated at 4 p.m. ET on July 31st left us scratching our heads. Making deals on July 8th might have made you more confident then confused Sunday night. You see this happens in real baseball as well.  On July 13th The Nationals acquired Preston Wilson (I know, I know he’s been so-so) while the A’s got Payton Jay Payton, Joe Kennedy and Jay Witasick and Eric Byrnes went to Colorado. On July 16th the Yankees got Al Leiter and on the 18th the Jason Dubois for Jody Gerut trade went down. Not exactly blockbusters but you don’t have to get Pujols to win a league.



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You need tendencies my friend. Thats how you win and thats how you create stats.

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