Random Thoughts

It’s been so long since I posted to this blog that I had to find the e-mail reminding me what to do! Anyway, a few random thoughts as we ramp up preparation for our drafts:

Arod* If I’m not picking in the top 3 (A-Rod, Pujols and Vlad), I’d rather be closer to the end of the 1st round than 4th or 5th. There are so many strong and comparable options from 4-12, even from 4-17 or 18, that I’d rather be closer to the snake than stuck in the middle. What’s the real difference between Ortiz at 4 and Manny at 8 if you can get that much closer to your next pick?

* Shortstop is a loaded position, I’ll definitely be grabbing my MI from here. Tejada, Young, Jeter and Rollins should all go in the first two rounds of mixed drafts, and if any slip to the 3rd, they should be taken immediately, even if you already have one of the others.

* Which reminds me… positional and statistical balance is nice for the early rounds, but I’d rather focus on production. I’m going for the best available hitters with my first 3+ picks, and if that means I end up with two OF’s and a 1B, so be it. There’s plenty of time to balance out the roster, especially with so much depth at SS.

Chavez* 3B is also loaded. Besides A-Rod I don’t think there is any one truly elite guy, although Wright and Cabrera are close, but there are a ton of "valuable" hitters here: Chavez, Ramirez, Rolen, Glaus, Chipper, Mora, even Beltre and Lowell. I’m not going to worry much about getting a big-time 1B this year because corners are so loaded, I can live with a second-tier option like Morneau if I get a solid 3B earlier.

* SP is as deep as ever. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… do NOT overpay for starting pitching! That doesn’t mean don’t take any, but if you’re not getting a guy at least one round later than his true value, pass. If Johan Santana slips to you in the 2nd round, take him. If you can get Oswalt or Peavy in the 5th, go for it. But otherwise, you can build a winner in the middle rounds… look for good K rates (ideally K/9, but K/BB is also important) and go from there.

Anyway, that’s just what’s in my brainpan right now… other random thoughts…

* Read Sam Walker’s book "Fantasyland" for a great look at the world of fantasy baseball. Pay special attention to the bottom of page 80.

* If all goes as planned, it looks like Siano, Klayman, "The Kid" and I will represent MLB.com in Tout Wars. I’ve gotta redeem myself after an abysmal last-place finish last year, the first time I can remember coming in last since… well, I don’t remember.

* Scroll down for a generic league constitution I put together based on my old keeper league rules, thanks to Siano for posting it. This is oriented towards a live-auction salary league; the good folks at mlbradiofans.com are preparing a version oriented towards online draft "pick ’em" leagues. In any case this should be a useful jumping off point for anyone who is trying to bring some order to the chaos of his/her league.

That’s all for now… enjoy!



We have completed the version geared towards a online draft, it is a work in progress but most of the kinks are out. Stop by http://www.mlbradiofans.com/ it’s at the top of the page! here is a direct link to both-

Feel free to send comments to us via the mlbradiofans forums or here on this Blog

GP in Cincinnati

So, lets say you get the 4th and 21st pick. Would you suggest trying to trade those two picks for the 8th and 17th, or 9th and 16th (assuming the other guy goes for it)?

Brad in Rockford

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