Chatting with Crowe

Loyal listener the Crowe e-mailed Cory and I the other day, here is the chat about drafting early.

Crowe:  I am picking 9th now in a slow draft that just kicked off yesterday off the heals of Fantasy Baseball opening day.  A little early I think, but any ideas on who I should nab in this 10 team, 5 x 5 league.  I pick again at 11.  I thought Abreu and either Santana (since innings limit is 1350) or Wright.

Siano: Abreau is fine, manny avail?

Cory: Check out David Wright instead

Crowe: Good Evening: I had to email you guys back as the slow draft has made it to me and I have my 2nd round pick to make; here is how it has gone so far:

1.  AROD

2.  Pujols

3.  Vlad

4.  Ortiz

5.  D. Lee

6.  J Santana (Boy I was wrong to look for him at 9)

7. Crawford

8. Manny

9. Texeira- My Pick (Made easy by  above choices)

10. A Soriano

11. Tejada

12.  My current pick……………………..

I am almost assured that I am picking Abreu, but am willing to hear one of you convince me to take




instead.  With Abreu’s track record and year after year reliability plus ball park, support cast (Utley, Howard, Burrell), etc. I think it is a gimme.  Bay I had last year and he actually outperformed Abreu.

Bay is 27 and Abreu is 32.  Something in me says Bay may actually outperform Abreu.  Cabrera would be a third option, but I agree with both of you about his support cast *******, and he may not see a meat pitch all year with Hermida and Jacobs protecting him and playing in pitchers park.

Let me know.  I can’t sleep thinking about this pick.  Regardless, I will have two stud hitters after the 1st two rounds.

Email me back your thoughts and what you would do with this pick.

Thanks for your time.

The Crowe

Siano: Id take bay like I did in mock draft but its hard to argue with abreau or wright. How about Crawford over manny? People love speed , I got carl at 11 in mock draft.

Schwartz: Good call on Crawford, the wrist is my only concern. Amazing how wide-open things get after the top 3, huh? We didn’t even mention Beltran!

Siano: Very wide open, im not that worried about the wrist, maybe I should be but im not, tape an aspirin to it.


Don’t know if it’s too late for you, but personally, I’d take Chase Utley, and here’s why:

1. Positiion Scarcity.

2. Utley should put up better numbers.

3. Coors Field – Lite

The projections are pretty even acrost the board: both are around 100 R/ 30 HR/ 107 RBI/ .295 BA/ .539 SLG/ 19 SB/ .380 OPB.

That said, why wouldn’t you take who I believe will be this year’s best fantasy 2B over a deep OF position?

Good luck!


Thats a good call, I still would take Bay because even though he is an OF and your right on about Utley maybe being the best 2B, I think Bay is the better player. I could be wrong or it could be a wash, but Bay has done it for two years now compared to Utley’s one.


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