getting ready for the season

Siano here, I was knee deep in two things last week. The World Baseball Classic and getting ready for my four drafts. I need to be ready for all of them. Two are AL Only auctions (one being TOUT) and two Draft and Trade leagues (the office league and 411 listener league). I have my lap littered with last years stats and a notepad trying to redeem myself for my first year in TOUT where I finished 9th while at the same time trying to make the jump to 1st in my other AL Only where I finished 2nd but had a chance the final weekend. I’m trying to rely a little bit more on numbers but I can’t ignore my gut which has been receiving beer since 1992 so it’s also hard to ignore physically. The one tough thing about being in "only" four leagues but taking them all very seriously is that there isn’t room for a bad draft. What happened to me in both fantasy baseball and football in 2005 was that my finish in my league I drafted second I had way more success and I don’t think it was because the second drafty was lesser competition I think it was I got my bad decisions out of the way in the first drafts. My main goal is to avoid that in 2006.

World Baseball Classic: Had the chance to do color for the Orlando pool and to be completely honest I could not have been more honored and when all was said and done more content in my wildest dreams. I was always a fan of the Classic but now I am a true believer. It was an incredible experience and I highly recommend to everyone to get your butt to a game in 2009 if not today or in San Diego.

Last thing. We have been getting such a tremendous response with phone calls on the show that is has been hard to get e-mails and IM’s in. The truth is we love the calls, it is a live radio show that was geared to be a call in affair. We love all of our listeners, but there is a different dynamic when we get to talk to you. To help combat that a little I will try to do an e-mail a day that does not get on air in this BLOG. Hopefully Cory will chime in as well.



Where is the Famed List of 12??? I am a loyal listener and on a recent show you said the info was on the site…don’t see it. I’s love to use the list for upcoming drafts.

-Drew in Delaware

Hey, its Ronnie from lithia, florida, on todays (March 20) you answered an IM from me, thanks a ton.
Well done with doing the color for the Orlando pool.

Thanks for taking my IM. And it’s been nice listening to all the archives, and finally getting a chance to listen to the show live today.



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