List of 12

Download 2006_list_of_12.xls 

If you can’t open excel here are the names.

M Prior
D Willis
J Peavy
B Webb
J Beckett
C Silva
O Perez
J Westbrook
B Myers
J Towers
A Harang
B Arroyo
G Meche
S Chacon
J Bonderman
C Fossum
R Drese


Excellent!!! Thanks a bunch. Keep up the good work, Cory & Mike.

Can someone please explain to us newcomers to Fantasy 411 what the List of 12 is?

Joe, the list of 12 is a group of pitchers we focus on for improvement each season, based on the theory that pitchers need a certain amount of time to adjust from the minors to MLB.

Obviously some of these guys have already adjusted pretty well — Peavy, Willis and Prior to name a few — and some are pretty likely to continue to stink (Drese, Hendrickson). But if you focus on guys with the right skills and those who have demonstrated some growth during their early MLB careers, you can pick out some good values… in 2004 we nailed Ben Sheets, and last year we tabbed John Lackey.

Webb and Bonderman are the two highlights on this year’s list, I focused on them in nearly every draft.

I hope this helps!


P.S. — It’s called the “List of 12” because that’s how long the list was the first year we did it; it’s been more than 12 every year but the name stuck.

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