Predict our draft

Brought it up on today’s show. If you can correctly predict the first round of the Fantasy 411 Listener League I’ll send you a shirt. Send your guesses to Please make your subject line read 411 listener league mock draft.

I mentioned last week that we will start posting an un read e-mail after each show that was not read on the air. Here is one for today.

Schwartz, remember how I said we will pick one e-mail that wasn’t read over the air and put it in our BLOG? Well after remembering what you said after the show I thought this one fit perfectly.

Is Patterson worth drafting in a 10 team 5×5 league? If so, when?

Ankeny, Iowa

Take it away Cory


In a 10-team league, Patterson is probably not worth drafting for two big reasons. First, while he should be considered to have the inside track on the starting center field job in Baltimore, Luis Matos still has two weeks to overtake him. Second, Patterson’s performance so far this spring , on the heels of his brutal 2005, shouldn’t fill anyone with any confidence that he’s ready to have a rebound season. That said, when a player puts up 24 homers and 32 steals at the age of 24, as Patterson did in 2004, it’s dangerous to write him off. As of now you should expect to let pass on him on draft day, but keep him on your radar in case he secures the job……


I agree. In a ten team league he has less value since there will be other guys to grab that have been more consistent, but he is definitely worth keeping an eye on. The one fear about Patterson for me is that he has a decent year but in spurts meaning some or most of his counting stats will fall on the waiver wire and when you pick him up he is ice cold and killing you. If he wins the CF job you may have to be aggresive with him to succeed.


Hey Guys — This is Mr.Nez, Fantasy Commish (title of my MLBlog). Any advise on how to break into the big time Media arena? I feel like I’d be a great addition to a staff with my years of expertise and my knack for the written word—Check out my blog if you have a chance..I’d appreciate hearing from you…Mr. Nez

Follow the 411 Draft “LIVE” by using the following link.

Hey Cory,

Can I win a t-shirt by predicting Siano will miss the draft again and work up some lame excuse about being stuck behind another firewall, etc?

Bitter Old Dodger Fan

Prediction: BODF takes Don Sutton as his first pitcher

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