Unread E-mail of the day.

Today we take an e-mail from Dan.


Here is my trade proposal… it’s a 16 team keeper. 5×5. (holds instead of WHIP) 30 man rosters. 12 keepers at the end of the year.

I send ben sheets, Izzy, and willy mo pena to get—bonderman, chad tracy and rocco baldelli.

Im nervous about sheets.  I like Izzy, but a closer like lidge will keep me in the top 8 in saves.

Plus Bonderman is on the FAMOUS LIST OF 12!



There’s good reason to be nervous about Sheets, although in a keeper league, I’d be more patient. I don’t think this deal helps you as much in ’06 as it does long-term and you have a good enough roster to try to win now.


I won 2 years ago and finished 5th last year.  5th might as well have been 2nd the way the points shook out.

Im getting something that seems like “keeper league paranoia syndrome” (my own diagnosis), where every one is so nervous about missing out on the next great thing (i.e king felix, bonderman, other list of 12 guys, etc.) that if a guys name isn’t flashed on every freaking list or write up that I see, I then think that its time to move them…or maybe I am just crazy.

In this particular league I think most owners are afflicted with this diagnosis.  Funny how a guy like izzy or pedro gets less interest in trade talks than guys like JJ hardy and Granderson. After a while it makes your more and more near sighted.  Soon ill need arm extenders to see whos the next “star”.


You’re right that near-sightedness is a big issue in keeper leagues; I used to suffer from that until I realized it could be leveraged to create better values to help you win now. Frankly, you’re giving up the most valuable player in the deal — Isringhausen — and maybe the 2nd most valuable, too, depending on Sheets’ health. How will that help you win now?🙂

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