April 2006


That’s how close I was to throwing myself out my window today after realizing that Connor Jackson and Preston Wilson had very nice games last night. You see I had cut Jackson earlier in the day and subsequently benched Preston. So what do these two guys who have done pretty much nothing lately go out and do, eh nothing really, Jackson 3-5 4 Rbi’s and a run and Wilson 2-5 2 Rbi a run and 2 steals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is now 6pm and I still haven’t gotten over it. The moral of the story if there is one is don’t give up on guys you like even if they are 4th or 5th OF or your Utility. If they are guys that you didn’t draft or could care less about then o be it, but these guys were targets of mine! One saving grace is that Brandon Phillips did get me an Rbi and Chipper homered his first game back and I had him in there for it.

Unread e-mail of the day for April 26 2006.

Cory you handle this one solo since I am in no mood to give out advice when I can’t even take care of myself.

Joe in Minneapolis:

Hello guys! Love the show, as always.

12-team, 5×5, mixed

I desperately need power and have received a trade offer in which I would send Papelbon and Javier Vasquez to another owner for Teixeira and Scott Baker.

I have Street, Jenks and Chad Cordero as closers already. My other starters are Pettitte, Duke, Cain, Oliver Perez, Bush, King Felix, Buchholz.

Now, I drafted Papelbon in the 23rd round, based on how he pitched last year, hoping that he might sneak into the rotation. I never dreamed, of course, that he would turn into Ubercloser.

That being the case, I kind of feel like he’s essentially "free money," a very tradeable asset that I wouldn’t have had anyway, so while I feel like I might be giving up too much in this trade, that feeling is mitigated by the fact that Papelbon was like a long shot that came in first…a big payoff for almost no investment.

Is that faulty logic? Is he too valuable to trade, even for a stud like Teixeira?

Thanks for your insight, doctors!

(The other team also has Chris Young and Justin Verlander…should I ask for one of them instead of Baker?)


It’s a question of needs and assets. It’s natural for any owner to evaluate "cost" in making trades, to make sure fair value is included in return… But in this case, your reply (and justifiably so) should be, who cares what he cost? He’s got nine saves and hasn’t been scored on all season. That in and of itself has value regardless of what it took you to acquire him. With Vazquez off to a hot start, it’s a fair value offer, so give it a shot.

Unread E-mail of the day for April 25 2006

Welcome to MLB Howie Kendrick, T-Wo we hardly knew ye.

Here is today’s unread e-mail of the day.

Chris in London, England writes:

Hey Cory and Mike,

On the subject of trying to fill your line-up everyday, what do you guys think about the Max Games Played Per Position limit?

I figure getting rid of it promotes activity and managers who put together a flexible line-up – things I think are worth rewarding. But I’ve put this forward in a couple of leagues I’m in and people seem to be worried it’ll cause some kind of insane everyday ‘pitch and ditch’ style activity with hitters. I don’t think so. Am I blind to be missing the point of this rule?


The max games limit is very rarely reached; who actually has a catcher that plays 162 games in a season? I don’t think it precludes activity, and if anyone is not making transactions out of a fear of exceeding the limit, they’re probably leaving opportunities on the table that could be used to obtain helpful players.


Chris, I have made a huge commitment in 06 to try and fill out my max for positions and right now much to my surprise I am +4 in OF. However it is very difficult to do because the schedule doesn’t cooperate 5 days of the week. I believe in the system and agree with Cory that if you don’t try your best you are leaving opportunities on the table. Last night I picked up Brad Ausmus and Brandon Phillips and ended up getting a 3-4 out of Brad and 1-4 with a steal out of Brandon. It’s worth the effort and makes you check your roster every day which keeps you informed and sharp.

Unread E-mail of the day April 24th 2006.

Sorry it’s late gave blood today, got lightheaded and thought I was Chuck Norris. Gave some roundhouses to rude pigeons.


Hey guys,

I have Bonds on my bench and all reports say he’s not optimistic about doing that much this season. Mike Sweeney is on the wire and I could use help at my Utility spot. I’m in a 5×5 mixed 13 team league. Would you drop Bonds for Sweeney? Burnitz and Cano are also on the wire.


It’s not like Sweeney is doing that much, and if Cano and Burnitz have stuck around this long on waivers, odds are there are a few other good options in addition to them. Bonds hasn’t shown much this year, and both his knee and elbow are said to be bothering him, but I’d hang on a little longer anyway. He may be more reputation than results at this point, but his upside is such that I’ll take my chances.


I’ll go to my mantra. Try not to cut a guy if you KNOW someone else will pick him up immediately. Bonds will be gobbled up in a second where the Sweeney’s, Cano’s and Burnitz’s are still avail. Hanging on to Barry won’t kill you right now, just make sure to see when he is going to sit (2-3 times a week) and fill that slot with a live bat.

Happy ***** Tonk Kornoka Donk!

Happy Monday, writes:

Unread E-mail of the day for April 21st 2006.

Keep an eye on Eddie Guardado’s job security, it would kill the Mariners if he pitches his everyday butt out of the job because he will hurt his trade value, but they can’t keep putting him out there if his struggles continue.

Here is today’s unread e-mail:

Long time listener here, I’m Bluenoser from Halifax

12 team 5 X 5 mixed.  I was starting to shop my
surplus first basemen, I had Lee and Delgado.  Now I
can put Delgado out of the utility spot and replace
Lee with anyone,  following players are available who
do you like:

Nick Johnson, C. Wilson, Rios, Swisher, Hawpe and Nevin


With this much talent on the waiver wire, take the best available hitter. Craig Wilson had a nice hot streak but Nick Johnson has an every day job and is killing the ball, hitting .400 with five homers and even a few steals thrown in. He’ll probably get hurt at some point — he always does — but when healthy, he hits. Take him.


Wow very solid list. I agree go with Nick Johnson to start, but you know what? With this much depth I wouldn’t mind shuffling these bats in and out on light days like Monday and Thursday. Hopefully you can start Nick and when he is off bench him and pick up Wilson, Rios, Nevin etc. and if you can’t bench Nick cut him and pick one of these guys up. I’m surprised by this list in a 12 team but hey what do I know.

Have a great weekend everyone, may your pitchers pitch and your ditches stink up the joint!

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Unread E-mail of the day for April 20 2006

I’ve been thinking about things and realized the BLOG needs to be spiced up a little. So along with the unread e-mail of the day, Cory and I will start throwing random garbage up here whether it is baseball related or not.

K-Rod did a good job today against the Twins getting the final 4 outs. He gets me nervous mainly because I own him in one league otherwise I wouldn’t be nervous.

Manny come home, your people need you! What happens to the Red Sox when Manny starts hitting?

On to the unread e-mail of the day

Rob writes:

How short is the hook for Cordero and will Otsuka be the guy to step in?


Cordero’s four-run meltdown against the Mariners on Wednesday illustrates that he clearly he has some issues to work out; a sore shoulder forced him to sit out of the World Baseball Classic and the first half of spring training, so his health must be a valid concern right now too. Still, observers say his velocity is there so far this season, but he’s relying very heavily on his unspectacular slider, so it may just be a matter of building back his arm strength and confidence in his heater after a late start. I don’t think the Rangers will yank him out of the closer role yet, but if you have room on your roster for Otsuka, picking him up as an insurance policy is a wise idea. Just don’t go making any panic moves yet, like dumping Coco or picking up Antonio Alfonseca!


Even though 11 fingers are better then 10 I have to side with Cory. I believe there is a hook, but it could be moving awfully slow towards Coco. I mean look at how long Buck Showalter has tolerated Laynce Nix! I think Otsuka is a good guy to have even if he is on the bench for now and see what happens. Cordero is in a volatile ballpark for a pitcher so that can’t help his cause and I think the Rangers are a bad team regardless of a terrific lineup. I am still amazed that they were so successful in 96, 98 and 99 with that pitching.

Unread E-mail of the day for April 19 2006

Runnin’ Water

I’ve been silent, but rest assured I’m still online and listening daily!

14 team; 5X5; Yahoo Head-to-Head; 2 DL spots

What type of return should I expect for Schmidt?  Should I wait for his value to climb back to ’04 status or trade and avoid the risk? 

I have made two offers:   (1) Lu. Gonzalez, Schmidt, Burgos for a return of M. Bradley, R. Clemons, and C. Jones.
(2) C. Monroe, Burgos, and Schmidt or a return of Podsednik, D. Davis, and R. Sanders. 

Thanks guys! 

Listening daily.


I’m not convinced we’ll ever see vintage Jason Schmidt again; he’s had multiple injuries in recent years and while he’s not done by any means, at the age of 33, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to return to his peak. I’d offer him straight up for Chipper Jones and see what happens.


I think you are selling way too high on a guy who will never be the 2004 pitcher again. Offer #1 I’d rather wait and see on Clemens returning and hold on to Bradley and Chipper and offer two Scotty Po is running again so no way I move him for what you are offering. Burgos may never see a save opportunity again by the way the Royals are awful.

Free the West Memphis Three!

I hope you’ll all indulge me in a brief diversion from fantasy baseball… regular listeners to (and viewers of) the show have probably heard me making reference to the West Memphis Three, and if you’re wondering, the black wristband I wear on my left wrist says "Free the WM3" on it. If you don’t know what this means, here it is in a nutshell:

In 1993, three teenagers in West Memphis, AR were arrested for and ultimately convicted of the murders of three young boys; one of the three is now on death row. Two documentary films — Paradise Lost I and II — paint a pretty strong picture (admittedly not without some bias) that the WM3 were convicted more because of their black clothes and interest in heavy metal and Stephen King books, than the presence of any strong evidence against them. Plenty of independent research and investigation since then has supported their claims of innocence.

I have no personal, factual knowledge that the WM3 are innocent or guilty. But what’s bothersome to me is that they were convicted even though "no physical evidence, murder weapon, motive, or connection to the victims" was presented at their trial.

In my opinion (and this is just me, not MLBAM or Siano or the 411 or anyone else), their conviction and continued incarceration speaks to the culture of stupidity and fear that remains prevalent in this country even now in the 21st century, and the black wristband I wear is a small protest against it. I’m not just talking about what our government has done in the name "of the people" over the past generation or two, either… it’s everywhere and in every shape. Just look around you. Politics, art, culture, music, television, the educational system, the news media, religion, even your daily commute to work… all are badly infected with stupidity, ignorance and arrogance. We’re all suffering in this environment to some extent or another, but most of us aren’t in jail like the WM3.

Anyway, I highly encourage you all to check out this web site to learn more and draw your own conclusions. Thanks for reading, and now, back to the 411…


Catching up on the unread e-mails.

Today is the one year anniversary for MLBLOG’s. I thought it was last Tuesday so I said some random stuff. In order to make up for it we are going to catch up on our unread e-mails of the day so here are three.

In other news Brad has begun posting his results for the 2006 Pitch or Ditch Challenge on mlbradiofans.com under the Fantasy 411 Forum.


Unread e-mail of the day for April 14th 2006

Adam writes:

I am in a league where we have only starters and relievers, no general pitcher slots.  this really raises the value of the closers who are listed as starters, because you can in effect play an extra closer everyday.  i would love to ride papelbon for as long as i can, but might it be worth it to trade him now, while he is definitely the closer.  if i hang on to him, and foulke becomes the closer all of his value is effectively lost.

thanks for any help.


I’d hang on to Papelbon. While Foulke is pitching fairly well so far this season (5-1 K-BB in 7.1 IP), and I expect he will regain his job as closer at some point, Papelbon has been absolutely dominant so far, with only 2 hits and no walks allowed in his first 7.0 IP. Sure, he’ll lose his value when Foulke reclaims the job, but it’s easier to find useful starters than relievers. Hang on to Papelbon and enjoy the ride.


I concur. Sorry he hit it right on the head.

Unread e-mail of the day for April 17th 2006

Nick in Omaha:

With Jeremy Hermida going on the DL, who would you recommend for the short-term for an OF? Alex Rios, Casey Blake or Xavier Nady?


Rios probably has the highest upside of the three, showing power, speed and the ability to hit for average in the minors. He’s off to a hot start this year, but hasn’t completely hit his way out of the platoon with Eric Hinske, so pass on him. Nady and Blake are very comparable players, and both are off to very hot starts. Nady got off to a hot start last year before fading quickly, but Blake has a little longer of a track record so I’d go with him. FYI, Hermida may well head back to Triple-A for an extended rehab, due to his slow start, so you might be without him a little longer than expected. He’ll be back this year when he’s fully healthy and his stroke is back, but he won’t be rushed… be prepared.


I like Blake for the short term also. He had a very good year in 2004 and came down a bit in 2005, but I think for 2006 he will fall right between meaning 25 homers, .260+ avg. and about 85 rib eye’s. If your lucky enough to only need 5 games to be eligible at a position then Blake qualifies at 3B and OF. The good news about Nady is that right now nobody is on his tail. Victor Diaz got sent down and may be right back but only because of the Beltran and Floyd injuries. Rios does have the highest upside, but looks nothing like a power hitter right now on the big league level, but should get there eventually.

Unread e-mail of the day for April 18th 2006


I’ve got Shelton in 2 leagues and would love to trade him while he’s so hot, but I don’t know how far to shoot.  Should I just put his name out there and see what I get or start with some lofty offers (Manny level) and hope they don’t get offended?  Both leagues I have solid 1b options (Pujols and
Berkman) and no CI position.  I’m happy keeping him at UT too, but thought I’d capitalize on his streak.



If you asked me on April 1 what Shelton would do this year, I would’ve predicted a .285 average with 25 homers… very valuable, but not quite Pujols or Manny, is it? You’re not going to get that kind of return, so you might as well ride out the hot streak. If you are determined to trade him, though, look for another hot-starting player who you think is more likely to maintain his level of production (like, say, List of 12’er Brandon Webb), or a very slow starter who may have worn out his owner’s patience (Adrian Beltre should end up close to last year’s numbers if not a little better). But in any case, avoid trading for a comparable player, because most owners don’t like "challenge" trades.


I wouldn’t trade Shelton for another bat right now unless it is Manny like which 99% of people wouldn’t give you and for all the right reasons. Any Tiger fans in your league? I would trade Shelton for a pitcher and think you can aim high, maybe not Johan high, but why not for a closer like Joe Nathan or a starer like Roy Halladay who has some injuries problems keeping his value a little low right now. if this is just about offense then I ride it out without question.

Happy anniversary to the BLOG whatever that means.

How the Friday April 14th Show Got Nasty!!!!

If you missed it. Schwartz and I after a long stretch of nicey nice got into it today. What started out as an innocent question by me blew into a audio version of Ali vs Frazier. Good job by Hector in NJ for hanging on the line the whole time Cory and I were battling.

 Click here to listen!

Sorry no unread e-mail of the day since I think this is too good to pass up. We’ll do an extra one next week. Have a great weekend!


Unread E-mail of the day for April 13 2006

The Man said that since today is the one year anniversary of MLBLOGS we can write anything we want so here are some random thoughts.
-I absolutely love Cadbury Eggs
-Cory inspires me
-When all is said and done Daria from NYC is the 411’s biggest fan even though she never has e-mailed the show
-I think I pick players for pitch or ditch that stink just so I can say they are dead to me.
– I am officially addicted to Deal or No Deal and Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds is dark. Also I really appreciate good hosts and Howie Mandel does a great job even though he looks crazy as a bald guy. You may hate to hear it but Ryan Seacrest is a phenomenal host for American Idol but right now the king is Jeff Probst from Survivor
-Family Guy really crosses the line every Sunday
-Easter has been made a mockery of, but so has Christmas yet I never complain because I like  presents……Siano

Anyway here is the unread e-mail of the day

Tampa Pete

Hey Mike and Cory,

I am an everyday podcast listener to the show.
I’m in a Nine Team weekly 5X5 NL Only league. 
On my bench, I have Ryan Zimmerman and Tony Clark.
I see Craig Wilson and Jack Wilson of the Pirates on the waiver wire. Should I drop one or both of my bench players for one of these waiver wire guys? If so, who would you pick first in priority?

Thanks for all you do.


Take Jack Wilson, because he a) is on a hot streak, b) plays every day and c) plays a more difficult position to fill. Drop Clark, who fits none of those three criteria. I’d keep Zimmerman over Craig Wilson, though, since Craig will have a hard time finding at-bats this year, even though he’s hot right now.


Jack Wilson has played his way into an everyday slot in a 12 team mixed he is red hot while hitting homers and swiping bases. Craig Wilson is just as hot but in 5 of the 9 games the pirates has played he has one at bat or less. I agree with Cory, go Zimmerman and Jack Wilson and once Jack starts to slump get ready to look elsewhere, hopefully he keeps it up but we’ll see.