411 league draft results and show news

First a quick response to the nonsense of posting projected standings before a season starts. I think it’s a waste of time for the following reasons. It does not take into account injuries, trades, loss of job due to poor performance, lack of interest of the GM to put in his or her moves and most of all trades. If the league had no transactions I could possibly see something from it, but since I cut Mackowiak today and picked up Todd Walker and Cory picked up Tom Glavine for today’s start it’s all ready a waste of Cory’s time and those of you who read it and thought about it.

Also a quickie on Stray from Wednesday’s draft. If he took Beltran (7Th overall)and King Felix with his first two picks because he thought they were the two best players at those spots then that’s his opinion and his choice to make, but if he took them to be a wise guy and is not taking the league seriously then he took a hit in credibility with me. I’ll be bringing this up on tomorrow’s show so we’ll see what he says.

Tuesday is a big show. We will reveal the results from the predict the first round contest. We will debut the pitch or ditch challenge for 2006 and we will have a lot of games to talk about as Cory and I host together for the first time during the 2006 regular season. Looking forward to it after a great opening day show with Vinny Micucci today.

Don’t forget each day that Cory and I host together I will try and post an unread e-mail for answering.


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FYI. I have projected 58% of the standings within 2 spots for the last three years of the Fantasy 411. And that is comparing the beginning of the season order to the end of the season standings. Including mine and yours every year. Stray and Dr. Stats were the least predicted. Zack – Philly.

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