Today’s unread e-mail.

After the scary pitching performances of yesterday and the monster lineup of the Cardinals do I start Brett Myers on Wednesday vs. the Cardinals?  Thanks.

Mike from Iowa


I think you do. You are taking a risk with any pitcher against the Cardinals even the Oswalt and Willis’s of the NL. I’m a believer in if a guy is talented like Myers is then he has a good shot to succeed. If he gets hammered guess what? You have 160 more games to bring it down. If this was some kid on the Marlins I’d say pass, but it’s not.


Yes. The Cardinals should be a good offense this year, but I don’t think they’ll be great. Even with Pujols, Rolen and Edmonds, they still carry several more relatively weak bats like Eckstein, Encarnacion (below average for a corner outfielder), Molina, their left-field platoon and whoever is their second baseman. They’re not going to score 15 runs per game, that’s for sure! And while Myers is as homer-prone as Lieber, but he can get the strikeout and that makes him worth starting against just about anyone.


Aaron Harang is slated to pitch in St. Louis next week…

should i start him?

i either have to drop foulke and pick up somebody to replace him or just put one pitcher less in my weekly lineup.

so the question is what should i do?

Harang 10 K’s today vs. PIT… they’re not the Cardinals, but that shows his upside. Start him. But don’t drop Foulke, he’s not out yet as the Sox closer. Don’t jump the gun where a closer is involved.


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