Unread E-mail of the day.


Hey guys- I really want to play pitch or ditch in my 12-team 5×5 yahoo
league, but I don’t know who to drop on my team; I like all of my
players. What do you think? Here’s my roster:

A. Pierzynski (CWS – C)
C. Tracy (Ari – 1B,OF)
C. Biggio (Hou – 2B)
A. Ramírez (ChC – 3B)
J. Rollins (Phi – SS)
V. Guerrero (LAA – OF)
J. Drew (LAD – OF)
J. Gomes (TB – OF)
G. Sizemore (Cle – OF)
J. Francoeur (Atl – OF)
F. López (Cin – 2B,SS)

J. Bonderman (Det – SP)
E. Bedard (Bal – SP)
M. Rivera (NYY – RP)
B. Wagner (NYM – RP)
F. Cordero (Tex – RP)
S. Linebrink (SD – RP)
J. Duchscherer (Oak – RP)
C. Schilling (Bos – SP,RP)
J. Lackey (LAA – SP)
D. Cabrera (Bal – SP)

Thanks a lot, you guys rock. – Paul in New Haven


It’s unusual to see a roster setup like this with only 12 hitters but 10 pitchers. There should be plenty of pitching depth out there, so I’d rotate out Daniel Cabrera and your two middle relievers — Duchscherer and Linebrink — to make room for your pitch-or-ditch picks. With three rock-solid closers and a very solid rotation, you won’t need the MR’s as much.


I agree

The first thing I noticed was the middle relievers who I like but aren’t necessary and are easy casualties of the pitch or ditch. On days where you don’t like your options at pitch or ditch you can simply pick these guys up for the K’s, WHIP and ERA control or even better the vulture win or save.


Hi guys,

two things

1, In a standard Yahoo league you have 2 SP, 2 RP and 3 general P positions

Should you have any MR in there?

2, When you do the e-mail of the day, which I think is great, can ou attach a date on that. I mean like “Unread e-mail of April 6th” or something, it makes it easier to separate them when you look at 100s of posts later in the season.

May all the blondes, socialized healthcare and Beltran in the 5th be with you!

Bertil from Sweden



Swede, it depends on how many teams. It’s hard to justify carrying middle relievers in anything less than a 12-team mixed league, especially since there are only seven pitching spots. Unless you’ve got a Shields, who will get enough wins, saves and K’s to earn real value in a league like that, you should be filling up your pitching spots with starters and closers. If you can’t find enough of ’em, time to play pitch or ditch, or hit the waiver wire!

To your suggestion, I agree with you, I’ll tell “Question of the Day” guy Siano.🙂


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