Unread E-mail of the day.

Larry in Grand Rapids

hey guys!

i worked really hard in the draft to try and build a balanced offense, but
now I’m a little worried that i don’t have that one huge masher in my
lineup.  take a look and tell me what you think.  in addition that that i
also have some bullpen depth i can trade from if need be.  (standard 5X5

J. Posada – C
C Delgado – 1B
C. Utley – 2B
J. Rolliins – SS
E. Chavez – 3B
C. Crawford – OF
T. Hunter – OF
V. Wells – OF
M. Mora – UTL
(Wilkerson, francoeur, sanders on the bench)

should i try and deal for an Ortiz, Manny, or someone similar?

thanks for the help

p.s. If you can see Corey Schwartz, Corey Schwartz can see you.  If you
can’t see Corey Schwartz, you may already be dead


Larry, don’t panic if you didn’t have a perfect draft, that’s hard to do. Your draft is supposed to set you up for the season and you did very well in that regard, including power… you don’t have a masher but between Delgado, Chavez, Posada, Utley, Hunter and Wells, you have balance and depth. I suggest you shop Hunter to a team that needs some speed, in exchange for a more pure power option (Mench, Matsui, etc.), but I don’t think you need to overpay for a Manny or Ortiz, at least not yet.

P.S. — BTW, it’s "Cory", without the "e". Surprise, you’re dead!


I agree

That big bat would be great but it doesn’t need to become an obsession, sent out feelers for guys like Cory mentioned but “slip” it to owners who have big time guys and see if maybe you can steal one.


thanks for the advice guys, helpful as always.

sorry about the misspell there cory!

ur lineup has great speed..

if i were you, i’d be trying to deal Hunter as well seeing that he’s hot right now.

like u said, u do need a littl emore power, u can try dealing Crawford for Abreu.

that way your lineup would be more complete.


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