Unread E-mail of the day for April 12 2006

Mike in Ohio writes:


I just thought I’d respond to I believe an e-mailer
that wanted to bench Johan.  I follow the same
philosophy in fantasy baseball and football;  Never
Bench Your Studs.  You do not want to have Santana on
the bench on the day he has his typical outing.  I’ve
got Manny in a few leagues, and he’s not leaving my
starting lineup no matter the start he’s having.
He’ll be okay. 

Also what do you think of this trade.  I traded Miguel
Cabrera and Brandon Webb for Scott Rolen, Bob Howry
and Ryan Dempster.  My relief pitching was weak with
only 1 closer and only Pollite really for holds.  I
believe in the end, Rolen will put up similar numbers
and my starters are solid.

I’m glad I get my dose of the 411 daily


Hi Mike, I think this is a high-risk, high-reward trade for you. On the plus side, if Rolen’s hot start is for real and he can continue to produce at this level, he’ll be similar in value to Cabrera and maybe even more so if he steals a few bags. Plus, Dempster pitched better out of the bullpen last year than as a starter, so he could be an undervalued closer. However, we here at the 411 believe Webb will be a breakout pitcher this year, and if the Marlins are able to generate any consistent offense, Cabrera could put up huge value. Plus, Dempster’s stats were somewhat deceptive last year, as his high walk rate could spell a rise in ERA this year. Howry will help with Holds but I don’t think that’s tremendously valuable as setup men and worthwhile middle relievers tend to emerge throughout the season (think of Matt Wise last year). This isn’t a bad trade for you by any means, but you’ve accepted a very significant amount of risk for an early-season deal. I hope it works out!


Mike, First off AMEN! on what you said about never benching your studs. Secondly I agree with Cory’s breakdown about the trade, but I really think you could have done better. If you exhausted all 11 other owners and they weren’t budging and this was the absolute best you could do then I like but don’t love. If you didn’t do the legwork and pulled the trigger because of saves and holds without the season being 10 games old I think it was a mistake. You can get holds on the wire and Dempster is dangerous. What I do like is that you got Rolen and if he stays healthy this trade could work in your favor, but I personally would have waited to see if I could do better. I’ve seen a heck of a lot worse trades made. In fact I probably made them myself!

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