Unread E-mail of the day for April 13 2006

The Man said that since today is the one year anniversary of MLBLOGS we can write anything we want so here are some random thoughts.
-I absolutely love Cadbury Eggs
-Cory inspires me
-When all is said and done Daria from NYC is the 411’s biggest fan even though she never has e-mailed the show
-I think I pick players for pitch or ditch that stink just so I can say they are dead to me.
– I am officially addicted to Deal or No Deal and Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds is dark. Also I really appreciate good hosts and Howie Mandel does a great job even though he looks crazy as a bald guy. You may hate to hear it but Ryan Seacrest is a phenomenal host for American Idol but right now the king is Jeff Probst from Survivor
-Family Guy really crosses the line every Sunday
-Easter has been made a mockery of, but so has Christmas yet I never complain because I like  presents……Siano

Anyway here is the unread e-mail of the day

Tampa Pete

Hey Mike and Cory,

I am an everyday podcast listener to the show.
I’m in a Nine Team weekly 5X5 NL Only league. 
On my bench, I have Ryan Zimmerman and Tony Clark.
I see Craig Wilson and Jack Wilson of the Pirates on the waiver wire. Should I drop one or both of my bench players for one of these waiver wire guys? If so, who would you pick first in priority?

Thanks for all you do.


Take Jack Wilson, because he a) is on a hot streak, b) plays every day and c) plays a more difficult position to fill. Drop Clark, who fits none of those three criteria. I’d keep Zimmerman over Craig Wilson, though, since Craig will have a hard time finding at-bats this year, even though he’s hot right now.


Jack Wilson has played his way into an everyday slot in a 12 team mixed he is red hot while hitting homers and swiping bases. Craig Wilson is just as hot but in 5 of the 9 games the pirates has played he has one at bat or less. I agree with Cory, go Zimmerman and Jack Wilson and once Jack starts to slump get ready to look elsewhere, hopefully he keeps it up but we’ll see.


Tuesday is the anniversary but it’s great to build that hype, baby!



Wow, Mike is brain-dumping on us! For the record though, “The Shield” is the best show on TV and frankly should make the producers of 99.9% of the other shows embarassed that they get away with the **** they air when there is a show as good as the The Shield on TV.


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