How the Friday April 14th Show Got Nasty!!!!

If you missed it. Schwartz and I after a long stretch of nicey nice got into it today. What started out as an innocent question by me blew into a audio version of Ali vs Frazier. Good job by Hector in NJ for hanging on the line the whole time Cory and I were battling.

 Click here to listen!

Sorry no unread e-mail of the day since I think this is too good to pass up. We’ll do an extra one next week. Have a great weekend!



Nice job Mike!

Capuano proved your point though there was no doubt in my mind before.

If Bannister wins 14 games and has a 3.90 ERA he will earn more than ANY 2-4 round SP.

Any SP taken that high up would need 24W, sub-3.00 ERA, 225K ,1.10 WHIP for 260IP. It is all about value and no SP today that early has value.

Queen Felix who was on the Bartolo Colon diet over winter has no real track record to go by..

If Steve Stone can win the Cy Young award then anything is possible if not probable especially when dealing with 2 young pitchers.

I will take Abreau etc and Bannister or any other serviceable wavier wire SP and beat a F.Herandez (drafted 2-4) team 9 of 10 times.

Cory needs to learn that his is opinion and is just that, his alone.

It is not the gospel on fantasy baseball as he apparently seems to think.

Enjoyed the show

Broadway Joe

BJ, you’ve bought into the same kool-aid by making a totally absurd statement:

“If Bannister wins 14 games and has a 3.90 ERA he will earn more than ANY 2-4 round SP.”

Well, duh! The point is, that’s true of ANY pitcher who goes undrafted, so why make it about Bannister vs. King Felix? In case anyone forgot, my entire strategy that I’ve been pushing for the last 5 years is to look for bargain SP’s late, and they rotate them as needed, so why get caught up in whether or not Bannister is That Guy this year? Who cares! We don’t need Mr. Right, we need Mr. Right Now… although it sounds like you and Siano might be the Mr. Right Now for each other.🙂


I also agree with Mike, THIS SEASON Bannister may be the more valuable pitcher. King Felix plays in a much tougher league and division, plus he has to face the DH. And ontop of that dont you think the Mariners opponents know that their going up against the best young pitcher in baseball and wana bring their A game even more to the ballpark that night?

Bannister will fly under the radar on a great team in weak division as the fifth starter and will continue to beat up on the weak opposition.

Cory you made yourself out to be an jerk (and none too bright) in this argument. Hard to take much of anything you say as serious after forcing myself to listen to this.


WHAT IF: I drafted Big Papi instead of Johan.
WHAT IF: I drafted Matt Holliday instead of Bonds.

WHAT IF: I drafted Shelton instead of Kotchman.

Guys, this big hissy fit over a statement that starts “What if” is just plain silly.

As Cory always preaches, it’s all about the listeners. Yet for 10 minutes or so we had to hear this crazy argument over nothing. Emails never got read, “the” daily email never got posted, Hector had to wait forever, etc.

So on Monday I expect you guys to kiss and make up!!🙂

The point being made is that there are going to be several guys, not talked about before the draft, that are going to end up being more productive than many pictures, such as Felix.

That happens every year, and if you pay attention, you can be the guy that gets those pitchers off of the waiver wire, instead of having to spend a high pick for them.

I mean, that’s fantasy 101, not 411. I can’t even believe it was argued.


hehe. Pitchers not pictures.

I work 3rd shift and listen to the show as a podcast on my ipod. Why did we only get an excerpt of the show and not the whole show? This could have been the best show so far in this young season but I will never know!



PS Using the pitch and ditch method, I dropped Bannister since he pitched over the weekend and picked up Francis for a Monday start. I also dropped Perez (Pit) and picked up Wright (SF) to keep in my NL only 5×5.

A few thoughts:

1. As with most arguments, the reality is you’re both right to a certain degree. The Bannister vs Felix comparison is silly, as CS asserts, and also Mike is not totally wrong in asking the whatif Bannister may be better this year. Stranger things have happened in baseball.

2. IMO you guys can rant and rave all you want about whatever you want cause it’s your radio show. In fact, I think it makes for better radio. I remember the Dusty Baker fiasco more than anything else from all of last years shows, and that was great.

3. Listeners need to relax if their emails or IMs do not get answered. The show provides a great resource for fantasy baseball, but answering everything is just not a possibility, nor would it be good radio. Afterall, if the Fantasy 411 wins your league for you because every transaction you made was affirmed by the show, did you even win the league or did Cory and Mike?

Keep up the good work, fellas! I love the show.

Columbus Bart

Mike, the comparisons that both of you made about certain players is not farfetched. As said, “Who’s to say that any waiver wire pickup can have a better season than a top-5 round pick?” Honestly, it is conceivable.

For example, a lot of comparisons is done with 1B. This is why I always decided to go for a strategy that does not always having me pick a top 12 first basemen (unless, it falls in my lap that I need to pick one up), because there are 10 others who I can get at a later time who will put up comparable or better numbers. For instance Chris Shelton may produce as much as Albert Pujols. Granted I don’t that will happen, I do think that it is conceivable that Chris Shelton will put up positive numbers this season, and will please me for the contribution he gives me, and if I had Albert Pujols, I would be thrilled or Shelton puts up Pujols numbers, I will also be thrilled.

Again, this is fantasy baseball, meaning that as much as we think we have control over our own players, we don’t because our game is affected by real managers, and we do not control the lives of ML baseball players. Personally I agree with Cory, Brian Bannister would not put up the numbers as King Felix would, but I don’t even think that Felix Rodriguez was a top 10 pick for pitchers. Rodriguez is as what he is –a phenom– who has a mature pitchers repitoire. Brian Bannister is also trying to figure it out, but at best he was labeled a prospect. Who’s to honestly say, all said and done this season, Felix Rodriguez won’t become the next Gil Meche, or the next Curt Schilling. And who’s to say that Brian Bannister will become the next Greg Maddux or the next Zack Grienke. You do need to respect Mike’s point there.

Cory, I remember out of your mouth that it’s the idea that you brought up in the beginning of my Fantasy 411 listening experience that “can I get the most out of my players granted their potential, their ability, other uncontrollable factors along the way, and my consciousness as a fantasy baseball manager to manage my team to the Yoo-hoo trophy?” Honestly that’s what really matters. To give you all truth, Felix Rodriguez whatever round he was picked up will give you that shot of winning a Fantasy Baseball championship because of the name “King Felix” and his ability, rather than Brian Bannister, even if the put up comparable numbers. People will take a risk on King Felix because he’s not doing well; not shove him on the waiver wire, so he’ll still have trade value. Brian Bannister seems like that pitcher who will ride the waiver wires, until he becomes the ala Greg Maddux which he can become. Just someday. Whether it’s this year or not, that is left to be seen.

Btw, because of your lovers quarrels, this may give you to pitch to the station manager another opportunity to lengthen the show. Just putting a heads up. Good job guys.

My thoughts are few and simple. Corey is right. Bannister should not be held in the same breath as King Felix this year or in the future. There is a reason why he is hyped and Bannister is a no name pitcher nobody knew about. Mike is a great guy but crazy at times with his thinking😉 Bannister would be so lucky if someday after he is washed up he can carry King’s luggage. I don’t believe this kid will win the cy young award this year but why is Bannister who pitches into jams and gets out of them by luck being talked about the same as King Felix who in his first couple of starts was lights out and didn’t have to worry about jams so they are def not worth comparing. We just don’t hear Cory comparing Cain to Felix. Matt Cain and Bannister can be compared with a lot more sense then either pitcher to King Felix… i said way too much but once i started i couldn’t stop. TK from Rochester NY

thaks for the reaction, it’s funny that Bannister got all tied into this when the main reason he came up was because we just took an IM on him. The whole show was avail btw on Itunes, but we made the clip avail as well.

Hey, thanks to everyone for the comments. But at the end of the day, I have to agree with Columbus Bart that spending a whole show ragging Dusty Baker is the most fun I’ve ever head doing the show, and if that makes me a jerk, so be it!🙂

your a jerk whether you rant on dusty or not buddy😉


here’s an excerpt from my email to the guys last Friday:

“couple-a comments about y’all’s “cat fight”

about king felix & whats-his-guts [Bannister]…

point #1) hate to say it, but cory’s wrong–any

comparison can be viable in Baseball…after all

we compare Babe to Hammerin’ Hank to Mr.`Roid

(Bonds), don’t we? …& that’s hardly an “even”

comparison due to differences in the eras they

played in, changes/dilution in pitching quality,

supplements/drug enhancements, etc.

point #2) even in contemporary fantasy terms, we

compare if it’s better to have a big bat w/high Ks

vs a good avg w/strong SB…clearly that’s apples

& oranges, but we discuss it…it all depends on the

nature of the question…

point #3) Baseball is the ultimate sport for

comparisons, and it’s a foul ball for Cory to dismiss

the argument offhand…provided the parameters are

understood (can you find a solid SP on waivers

rather than spending a high draft pick on a relatively

unknown quantity like Hernandez), there’s plenty of

room to hash this out…

point #4) Mike wins this battle, i think…the only issue

is actually finding that diamond-in-the-rough, being

the 1st to claim him, and also realizing what you

have…it’s easy to nab someone for a spot-start,

but how are you going to know to keep him for

the long haul, which someone would definitely do

with Felix despite the slow start…

anyhow, i was glad to hear y’all back on speaking

terms before the show ended (lol)…great stuff!”

another point (#5): i’d be interested in seeing/hearing actual stats about “unknown” SP who outperformed “name brand” SP top-5 draft picks (based on the previous year’s performance)…that breakdown might actually prove the point (one way or the other).

i’d be willing to wager that there are a couple of no-names who score (fantasy-wise) as well or better than high-round SP picks, each year…

again, the key is finding those rough-diamonds & deciding to HOLD them…

maybe Bannister is this year’s version, maybe not…but the argument is worth having…

what’s the tally on For/Against for Cory/Siano??



(cee_ker in Fawt Wuth, TX)

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