Catching up on the unread e-mails.

Today is the one year anniversary for MLBLOG’s. I thought it was last Tuesday so I said some random stuff. In order to make up for it we are going to catch up on our unread e-mails of the day so here are three.

In other news Brad has begun posting his results for the 2006 Pitch or Ditch Challenge on under the Fantasy 411 Forum.


Unread e-mail of the day for April 14th 2006

Adam writes:

I am in a league where we have only starters and relievers, no general pitcher slots.  this really raises the value of the closers who are listed as starters, because you can in effect play an extra closer everyday.  i would love to ride papelbon for as long as i can, but might it be worth it to trade him now, while he is definitely the closer.  if i hang on to him, and foulke becomes the closer all of his value is effectively lost.

thanks for any help.


I’d hang on to Papelbon. While Foulke is pitching fairly well so far this season (5-1 K-BB in 7.1 IP), and I expect he will regain his job as closer at some point, Papelbon has been absolutely dominant so far, with only 2 hits and no walks allowed in his first 7.0 IP. Sure, he’ll lose his value when Foulke reclaims the job, but it’s easier to find useful starters than relievers. Hang on to Papelbon and enjoy the ride.


I concur. Sorry he hit it right on the head.

Unread e-mail of the day for April 17th 2006

Nick in Omaha:

With Jeremy Hermida going on the DL, who would you recommend for the short-term for an OF? Alex Rios, Casey Blake or Xavier Nady?


Rios probably has the highest upside of the three, showing power, speed and the ability to hit for average in the minors. He’s off to a hot start this year, but hasn’t completely hit his way out of the platoon with Eric Hinske, so pass on him. Nady and Blake are very comparable players, and both are off to very hot starts. Nady got off to a hot start last year before fading quickly, but Blake has a little longer of a track record so I’d go with him. FYI, Hermida may well head back to Triple-A for an extended rehab, due to his slow start, so you might be without him a little longer than expected. He’ll be back this year when he’s fully healthy and his stroke is back, but he won’t be rushed… be prepared.


I like Blake for the short term also. He had a very good year in 2004 and came down a bit in 2005, but I think for 2006 he will fall right between meaning 25 homers, .260+ avg. and about 85 rib eye’s. If your lucky enough to only need 5 games to be eligible at a position then Blake qualifies at 3B and OF. The good news about Nady is that right now nobody is on his tail. Victor Diaz got sent down and may be right back but only because of the Beltran and Floyd injuries. Rios does have the highest upside, but looks nothing like a power hitter right now on the big league level, but should get there eventually.

Unread e-mail of the day for April 18th 2006


I’ve got Shelton in 2 leagues and would love to trade him while he’s so hot, but I don’t know how far to shoot.  Should I just put his name out there and see what I get or start with some lofty offers (Manny level) and hope they don’t get offended?  Both leagues I have solid 1b options (Pujols and
Berkman) and no CI position.  I’m happy keeping him at UT too, but thought I’d capitalize on his streak.



If you asked me on April 1 what Shelton would do this year, I would’ve predicted a .285 average with 25 homers… very valuable, but not quite Pujols or Manny, is it? You’re not going to get that kind of return, so you might as well ride out the hot streak. If you are determined to trade him, though, look for another hot-starting player who you think is more likely to maintain his level of production (like, say, List of 12’er Brandon Webb), or a very slow starter who may have worn out his owner’s patience (Adrian Beltre should end up close to last year’s numbers if not a little better). But in any case, avoid trading for a comparable player, because most owners don’t like "challenge" trades.


I wouldn’t trade Shelton for another bat right now unless it is Manny like which 99% of people wouldn’t give you and for all the right reasons. Any Tiger fans in your league? I would trade Shelton for a pitcher and think you can aim high, maybe not Johan high, but why not for a closer like Joe Nathan or a starer like Roy Halladay who has some injuries problems keeping his value a little low right now. if this is just about offense then I ride it out without question.

Happy anniversary to the BLOG whatever that means.


This is Robert from the unread e-mail of the day. Well, I threw out a couple offers with Shelton and this one stuck. I give Shelton and Burrell for Manny. I’m pretty happy since I have Berkman at 1b and now my OF looks like Bay, Gomes and Manny. I’ll now be able to pick up P. Fielder or J. Lane with my open spot to rotate in at UT. Thanks again.

Can’t sell higher or buy lower than that! Great deal.

Shelton has tbeen the thorn that many of us wonder about. I have many questions on his as well. I’m in a 6 team 5×5 and have a trade offer to trade Shelton for Bonds and Hallady (Tor P). I have Thome at Util to move to 1B and could mve Rolen to Utility from my bench. Not sure how long to ride the Shelton train. He is the hot player that a lot of people want.

You GET Bonds and Hallday for Shelton? PLEASE do that deal NOW!!!

Deal completed, but do you start Bonds? He only plays in dry weather, on good days in the sunshine? Do I wait for him to get a few at bats in before putting him in the utility position?

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