Unread E-mail of the day for April 19 2006

Runnin’ Water

I’ve been silent, but rest assured I’m still online and listening daily!

14 team; 5X5; Yahoo Head-to-Head; 2 DL spots

What type of return should I expect for Schmidt?  Should I wait for his value to climb back to ’04 status or trade and avoid the risk? 

I have made two offers:   (1) Lu. Gonzalez, Schmidt, Burgos for a return of M. Bradley, R. Clemons, and C. Jones.
(2) C. Monroe, Burgos, and Schmidt or a return of Podsednik, D. Davis, and R. Sanders. 

Thanks guys! 

Listening daily.


I’m not convinced we’ll ever see vintage Jason Schmidt again; he’s had multiple injuries in recent years and while he’s not done by any means, at the age of 33, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to return to his peak. I’d offer him straight up for Chipper Jones and see what happens.


I think you are selling way too high on a guy who will never be the 2004 pitcher again. Offer #1 I’d rather wait and see on Clemens returning and hold on to Bradley and Chipper and offer two Scotty Po is running again so no way I move him for what you are offering. Burgos may never see a save opportunity again by the way the Royals are awful.

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