Unread E-mail of the day for April 20 2006

I’ve been thinking about things and realized the BLOG needs to be spiced up a little. So along with the unread e-mail of the day, Cory and I will start throwing random garbage up here whether it is baseball related or not.

K-Rod did a good job today against the Twins getting the final 4 outs. He gets me nervous mainly because I own him in one league otherwise I wouldn’t be nervous.

Manny come home, your people need you! What happens to the Red Sox when Manny starts hitting?

On to the unread e-mail of the day

Rob writes:

How short is the hook for Cordero and will Otsuka be the guy to step in?


Cordero’s four-run meltdown against the Mariners on Wednesday illustrates that he clearly he has some issues to work out; a sore shoulder forced him to sit out of the World Baseball Classic and the first half of spring training, so his health must be a valid concern right now too. Still, observers say his velocity is there so far this season, but he’s relying very heavily on his unspectacular slider, so it may just be a matter of building back his arm strength and confidence in his heater after a late start. I don’t think the Rangers will yank him out of the closer role yet, but if you have room on your roster for Otsuka, picking him up as an insurance policy is a wise idea. Just don’t go making any panic moves yet, like dumping Coco or picking up Antonio Alfonseca!


Even though 11 fingers are better then 10 I have to side with Cory. I believe there is a hook, but it could be moving awfully slow towards Coco. I mean look at how long Buck Showalter has tolerated Laynce Nix! I think Otsuka is a good guy to have even if he is on the bench for now and see what happens. Cordero is in a volatile ballpark for a pitcher so that can’t help his cause and I think the Rangers are a bad team regardless of a terrific lineup. I am still amazed that they were so successful in 96, 98 and 99 with that pitching.


consensus in D/FW (well, from one Sports Radio station (the Ticket) & the FW Star-Telegram anyhow) is that the Rangers will ride out any ups & downs with Coco for awhile…

Buck has shown he’ll stick with a “favorite” & Coco meets that description, if just based on his history.

plus, the Ticket had a good point that there are quite a few primo closers who have struggled somewhat, early on.

i’d agree w/picking up “Aki” (Otsuka) as backup…IF Coco is you’re prime closer & IF you have the bench room for him…

as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says: “Don’t Panic” (at least not yet…but making a swift move to backup your primary RP is prob’ly wise)…



cee_ker from Fawt Wuth, TX

Hey, don’t challenge the six-fingered man until you’ve studied fencing for 20 years.

And while I’m on the topic, wouldn’t Chuck Norris make a great Dread Pirate Roberts?

I agree with you guys. My only problem about this is that Otsuka may have been drafted very late anyway in a vanilla 5×5, because of his ability (despite the ballpark). But if he’s available, I pick him up. F. Cordero looks not 100% and the AL West means keeping the Mariners in the cellar and challenge the A’s and Angels.

– Akil from NY

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