Unread E-mail of the day for April 21st 2006.

Keep an eye on Eddie Guardado’s job security, it would kill the Mariners if he pitches his everyday butt out of the job because he will hurt his trade value, but they can’t keep putting him out there if his struggles continue.

Here is today’s unread e-mail:

Long time listener here, I’m Bluenoser from Halifax

12 team 5 X 5 mixed.  I was starting to shop my
surplus first basemen, I had Lee and Delgado.  Now I
can put Delgado out of the utility spot and replace
Lee with anyone,  following players are available who
do you like:

Nick Johnson, C. Wilson, Rios, Swisher, Hawpe and Nevin


With this much talent on the waiver wire, take the best available hitter. Craig Wilson had a nice hot streak but Nick Johnson has an every day job and is killing the ball, hitting .400 with five homers and even a few steals thrown in. He’ll probably get hurt at some point — he always does — but when healthy, he hits. Take him.


Wow very solid list. I agree go with Nick Johnson to start, but you know what? With this much depth I wouldn’t mind shuffling these bats in and out on light days like Monday and Thursday. Hopefully you can start Nick and when he is off bench him and pick up Wilson, Rios, Nevin etc. and if you can’t bench Nick cut him and pick one of these guys up. I’m surprised by this list in a 12 team but hey what do I know.

Have a great weekend everyone, may your pitchers pitch and your ditches stink up the joint!

For more info check out mlbradio.net or e-mail us.


…i had a similar conundrum as Bluenoser when Lee went down in my dynasty points league…(of course it’s a shallow league, only 8 teams currently)…

n.johnson, n.swisher, p.fielder, and c.tracy were all on the waiver wire…so i dumped SP d.bush & will get one of those dudes to sub (or maybe stick) until Lee comes back…

btw, if y’all are interested in a true dynasty league, we’re looking to expand in 2k7…

league incorporates Both major & minor league rosters…

yahoo! (scoring) website =


main league page =


if you think joining might be cool for 2k7, email me ( cee_ker@yahoo.com ) or the commish ( TwifsCeo@aol.com )

sorry for the shameless plug, but the point is there are leagues out there (even 10 or 12-teamers) that have quality on the waiver wire who can stand in for D.Lee whilst he’s down…

i Definitely won’t be dropping him, but adjustment-type players are available (Nady? T.Lee?…someone like that)…



cee_ker from Fawt Wuth, TX

Off topic but Howie Kendrick was called up today by the LAA.

Izturis was placed on the 15-Day DL on Monday with a left hamstring strain. Reports on the severity are not yet available. Normally the fact that he was placed on the DL so quickly would be a sign that it’s more than a minor strain, but don’t read anything into that at this time as the Angels are in a pinch for offense with Juan Rivera also on the DL. The Angels recalled Howie Kendrick from Triple-A Salt Lake to replace Izturis on the 25-man roster

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I’m in a 10 team, mixed, 5×5, head to head league with daily roster changes. During the draft, I took fantasy411’s advice by going for good hitting early and taking pitching in the later rounds of the draft. I took a bunch of risks with the pitchers i drafted and some seem to be paying off. I figure that not all of these guys are going to be able to keep it up over the whole season. So, I figured i could trade some of these guys I took risks on if they got off to good starts for more stable pitchers. I got Schilling, Penny, Escobar, Mussina, Javier Vazquez, Matt Cain, Clemens (Why not hold onto him), Prior and Wood. I know I cant get anything for Prior and Wood until they get a couple starts in, but out of the other pitchers, who do you suggest I hang on to and who do you suggest I sell high? Last year, I had one of the best teams all regular season, but when it came down to the Fantasy playoffs injuries/guys not performing well killed my team. I know you guys aren’t psychics but who do you think of these guys will be there for me for the playoffs. Also, any ideas on who I should go after? My hitting is doing good (I got A Rod, Jason Bay, Utley, Berkman, Furcal, Rolen, Beltran, Javy Lopez, Tori Hunter, Chad Tracy, and Beltre.

Danny, from Chicago

p.s. I was just offered Felix Hernandez and Bobby Jenks for Brad Penny. I got Billy Wagner, Baez, and Todd Jones as closers, and I just picked up Kyle Davies for the spot start today and Duchsherer for a couple saves til street is healthy. I would drop Duchsherer if i accept this deal. What do you guys think?

got2btheb – I would do that trade. Zack-Philly.

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