Unread E-mail of the day April 24th 2006.

Sorry it’s late gave blood today, got lightheaded and thought I was Chuck Norris. Gave some roundhouses to rude pigeons.


Hey guys,

I have Bonds on my bench and all reports say he’s not optimistic about doing that much this season. Mike Sweeney is on the wire and I could use help at my Utility spot. I’m in a 5×5 mixed 13 team league. Would you drop Bonds for Sweeney? Burnitz and Cano are also on the wire.


It’s not like Sweeney is doing that much, and if Cano and Burnitz have stuck around this long on waivers, odds are there are a few other good options in addition to them. Bonds hasn’t shown much this year, and both his knee and elbow are said to be bothering him, but I’d hang on a little longer anyway. He may be more reputation than results at this point, but his upside is such that I’ll take my chances.


I’ll go to my mantra. Try not to cut a guy if you KNOW someone else will pick him up immediately. Bonds will be gobbled up in a second where the Sweeney’s, Cano’s and Burnitz’s are still avail. Hanging on to Barry won’t kill you right now, just make sure to see when he is going to sit (2-3 times a week) and fill that slot with a live bat.

Happy ***** Tonk Kornoka Donk!

Happy Monday, writes:


Should Sweeney even be on a 5×5 mixed roster? He’s sitting on my bench behind Giambi. Clemons is/was on the waiver and I want to pick up some bullpen help to get some more K’s. Should I drop Sweeney?

I think Sweeney is productive enough when healthy to be on a roster. However since he is your insurance and probably only a light game day player, depending on your staff gambling on an Ace would be logical.

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