Unread E-mail of the day for April 25 2006

Welcome to MLB Howie Kendrick, T-Wo we hardly knew ye.

Here is today’s unread e-mail of the day.

Chris in London, England writes:

Hey Cory and Mike,

On the subject of trying to fill your line-up everyday, what do you guys think about the Max Games Played Per Position limit?

I figure getting rid of it promotes activity and managers who put together a flexible line-up – things I think are worth rewarding. But I’ve put this forward in a couple of leagues I’m in and people seem to be worried it’ll cause some kind of insane everyday ‘pitch and ditch’ style activity with hitters. I don’t think so. Am I blind to be missing the point of this rule?


The max games limit is very rarely reached; who actually has a catcher that plays 162 games in a season? I don’t think it precludes activity, and if anyone is not making transactions out of a fear of exceeding the limit, they’re probably leaving opportunities on the table that could be used to obtain helpful players.


Chris, I have made a huge commitment in 06 to try and fill out my max for positions and right now much to my surprise I am +4 in OF. However it is very difficult to do because the schedule doesn’t cooperate 5 days of the week. I believe in the system and agree with Cory that if you don’t try your best you are leaving opportunities on the table. Last night I picked up Brad Ausmus and Brandon Phillips and ended up getting a 3-4 out of Brad and 1-4 with a steal out of Brandon. It’s worth the effort and makes you check your roster every day which keeps you informed and sharp.

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Alright. Thanks for answering, guys.

That the limits are hard to reach are what make their existence seem kind of pointless to me. I can’t see that anyone is going to drop a good hitter just to get a few AB’s from a wire guy (especially in a keeper league), so having no limits means that those who have created a bit more flexibility in their line-ups anyway get rewarded for it. It won’t make a huge difference, but those extra few AB’s at the end of the season could play a role, so I don’t see why there’s a need to block them.

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