That’s how close I was to throwing myself out my window today after realizing that Connor Jackson and Preston Wilson had very nice games last night. You see I had cut Jackson earlier in the day and subsequently benched Preston. So what do these two guys who have done pretty much nothing lately go out and do, eh nothing really, Jackson 3-5 4 Rbi’s and a run and Wilson 2-5 2 Rbi a run and 2 steals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is now 6pm and I still haven’t gotten over it. The moral of the story if there is one is don’t give up on guys you like even if they are 4th or 5th OF or your Utility. If they are guys that you didn’t draft or could care less about then o be it, but these guys were targets of mine! One saving grace is that Brandon Phillips did get me an Rbi and Chipper homered his first game back and I had him in there for it.

Unread e-mail of the day for April 26 2006.

Cory you handle this one solo since I am in no mood to give out advice when I can’t even take care of myself.

Joe in Minneapolis:

Hello guys! Love the show, as always.

12-team, 5×5, mixed

I desperately need power and have received a trade offer in which I would send Papelbon and Javier Vasquez to another owner for Teixeira and Scott Baker.

I have Street, Jenks and Chad Cordero as closers already. My other starters are Pettitte, Duke, Cain, Oliver Perez, Bush, King Felix, Buchholz.

Now, I drafted Papelbon in the 23rd round, based on how he pitched last year, hoping that he might sneak into the rotation. I never dreamed, of course, that he would turn into Ubercloser.

That being the case, I kind of feel like he’s essentially "free money," a very tradeable asset that I wouldn’t have had anyway, so while I feel like I might be giving up too much in this trade, that feeling is mitigated by the fact that Papelbon was like a long shot that came in first…a big payoff for almost no investment.

Is that faulty logic? Is he too valuable to trade, even for a stud like Teixeira?

Thanks for your insight, doctors!

(The other team also has Chris Young and Justin Verlander…should I ask for one of them instead of Baker?)


It’s a question of needs and assets. It’s natural for any owner to evaluate "cost" in making trades, to make sure fair value is included in return… But in this case, your reply (and justifiably so) should be, who cares what he cost? He’s got nine saves and hasn’t been scored on all season. That in and of itself has value regardless of what it took you to acquire him. With Vazquez off to a hot start, it’s a fair value offer, so give it a shot.


Hey Mike, I may have one-upped your moves picking up Otsuka today.


There are rumors suggesting the Cubs are interested in trading for Clark as an injury replacement for Derrek Lee, the East Valley Tribune reports. According to the report, Clark says he hasn’t heard anything, but wasn’t going to worry about it, either. Clark has two years left on his contract with a no-trade clause for this season, and since Phoenix is his home, it might be tough for him to consider a trade, even if it were to get him more short-term playing time at Wrigley.

Broadway Joe

I would ask for Teixeira straight up for Papelbon and see what they say. Unless this is a keeper league, why give up Javier Vazquez in this deal?

Look! Trace Adkins also appeared on your rival Fantasy 422:

Fantasy 422 = Fantasy 411 with new flavor crystals! LOL

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