Catching up on the unread e-mails..

Unread e-mail of the day for Thursday April 27Th.

Pete from Jordan:
guys. 5×5 mixed yahoo keeper league. won it last year, now everyone is gunning for me. my team is solid again in every category but saves. I’m in dead last with valverde, burgos, foulke, and putz. i want to replace the last three with legit closers, but nobody will trade their bonafide closers to me. otsukah, baez, and papelbon were snatched seconds before i could get to them. 2 questions: 1: how would you rank foulke, putz and burgos if you were dropping 2 of them for bench spots or "pitch-or-ditch?"  2:would you hold tight with these guys and try to snag the next papelbon, or overpay for closers? p.s. I’ve staked my ENTIRE reputation on Foulke coming back to close in Boston.   –

Well, as Jeff Weaver will tell you, it’s a bad idea to stake your entire reputation on one guy unless it’s Albert Pujols! Foulke has been pitching well this year but with Papelbon perfect in 10 save chances, it’s unlikely the Sox will make a change any time soon. Putz is also pitching well but Guardado nailed his last save chance so his job should be safe for a little longer, too. And while Burgos is the Royals closer, what’s that worth on a team that only has five wins? I’d never recommend overpaying for a closer, but you are going to have to make a trade to get back into the race in that category.

Pete it looks like that no matter how well Foulke looks Terry Francona will have a very hard time taking Papelbon out of the job since he now had folk hero status in Boston and tag on the fact he made the Yanks look silly Monday night. I would rank it Burgos, Putz and then Foulke, but only because Burgos “is” the closer. I still believe much like I did in 2005 that Guardado will be traded and Putz will take over. Bottom line this is a bad situation for you and you have to make a significant trade while trying to avoid overpaying. Good luck.

Unread e-mail of the day for May 1st.

from –Chris, PA

Cory and Mike,

  I am a new listener and need some team advise:

6×6 roto, 10 Team Yahoo, 5 BN, 1 DL

Here is my current roster:

C    K. Johjima
1B   N. Johnson
2B   C. Biggio
3B   M. Ensberg
SS   J. Reyes
OF   C. Tracy
OF   M. Alou
OF   J. Damon
Util   T. Hafner
BN   E. Chavez
BN   M. Lorretta
DL    D. Lee

K. Rogers
D. Lowe
J. Bonderman
B. Penny
S. Kasmir
J. Schmidt
J. Patterson
D. Turnbow
A. Benitez
S. Shields

I just acquired Ensberg for Crawford & Bedard then got S. Kasmir as a FA.  I already had Eric Chavez at 3rd and have Hafner stuck at Util.  I now think I want to keep both 3B for depth and shop Hafner to open up my positions.  I already have an offer out, Hafner for Abreu but have no response yet.  If this goes through it is perfect as I gain speed while retaining most other stats and can now bench Tracy and activate Chavez.  If this falls through I was looking at Gomes or Wells as replacements for Hafner.  I think OF is best for me now to open things up since Tracy is my only multiple position eligible player (1B, 3B, OF).  Any suggestions on OF I can get in return for Hafner that are comparable or another approach here?

Also the guy I gave Crawford & Bedard to dropped Isringhausen to make room.  Should I make a waver claim for him since he is pitching so poor and could lose the Closer spot?  If so, who do I drop for him?


Chris, I would claim Isringhausen and drop one of your starters — probably Derek Lowe — since you don’t need to carry that many in a 10-team league. There are probably plenty of good starters available on the waiver wire so a closer, even a struggling one like Isringhausen is worth more.

Also, I’d prefer Wells over Gomes if you were going to deal Hafner; in any case, Tracy is not a good enough player to warrant an everyday spot in a 10-team league like this. Your goal should be to replace him and make a spot in your lineup for Chavez. If necessary, you can cut Loretta right now, since he’s scuffling badly and Biggio is good enough to hold down that spot for the immediate future.

I agree with Cory. The point here is that you are in a ten team league so you have way more wiggle room to cut bait with struggling players like Loretta and pick up what could turn out to be a gift in Izzy. I prefer Wells over Gomes as well even though Gomes isn’t a far second.

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Thanks Mike and Cory, unfortunately I am still in a bind. Izzy is gone to a better waver pick and Abreu and Wells are not available. I might be able to get Gomes, Beltran or Hideki Matsui. The guy with Izzy will give me Brian Giles and Izzy or B.J. Ryan. Should I start shopping the 3B or are any of the options right for Hafner?

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