Unread E-mail of the day for May 2nd 2006.

Paul in Marion, Iowa writes:

I am in a 10 NL only.  26 man roster, 16 hitters & 10 pitchers.
I am in 2nd place, but I got off to a slow start with saves.  I have Armando Benitez.
Most guys have 2 closers or 1 and a half  closers.  I just don’t see Benitez having
alot of value in my league.  I am thinking of blowing off saves.  I could use a good starter
and a 2nd catcher.  I need whip and era. 
I thinking about trading Benitez for like Mulder or a lesser starter and a catcher.
What do you think?


I don’t believe in punting a category if you can at least remain competitive, and although Benitez is in the lower tier right now, he can give you enough to be worth at least a few points. Since you need WHIP and ERA, work the market for decent middle relievers who can give you a little help there — Matt Capps got a mention on today’s show and has strong numbers so far — and wait for the next closer turnover to occur. Don’t rule out some change in Atlanta (Reitsma isn’t that good), Cincinnati (if Weathers slumps), Florida (it’s wide-open), Pittsburgh (if Gonzalez can’t get the job done) or St. Louis (if Isringhausen continues to walk the park), never mind the ever-present risk of injury. It’s a long season, be patient.


Ive never been a fan of punting either. I understand why some people decide to do it and I know leagues have been won while punting, but it is way too risky. If I had Mulder I may not give him to you straight up for Benitez much less include a catcher. In the 411 league I am currently in 3rd while being dead last in saves. Granted I have Hoffman and Cordero so I’m in better shape then you but if you were to acquire one more closer or hang in there you would see the points to be had.

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