Unread email for May 3rd 2006 and playing with your friends.

You will see in Brad’s e-mail below how he mentions he is in a league with his friends but it is very competitive. To me there is nothing better. To be able to talk trash, have bragging rights but at the same time really enjoy the season and intensity makes fantasy sports what it is. For fantasy football I play in two leagues with all friends with one of the leagues being guys from my hometown. In the 411 Listener league I don’t even know what some of these guys look like but I consider them friends and look forward to competing with them each year. A true gift to yourself if you haven’t been able to is to get in a league with your buddies because it can be a blast.

Brad in Chi-city:

Hey guys,
Devoted podcast listener, love the show, quick question on a trade:
Mixed, 5×5, yahoo league
All friends but very competitive, I’ve got what I think is the best team I’ve had since the league started, should I trade:

Berkman, Furcal, Freel for,

Vic Martinez, Chone "to the bone" Figgins?

Am I killing my team?  I need the steals, and figure I get the same production out of Figgins as Freel and Furcal combined.  I waited to draft a Catcher way too long, so I’ve got Olivo slotted in there for now.

Thanks for any help.


Brad, I think you are getting plenty of value in return but perhaps overpaying a bit due to Furcal’s slow start. Despite Martinez’s position scarcity, Berkman is at worst a comparable offensive player and likely more valuable strictly on production. Furcal — when he’s producing — is only a notch or two below Figgins, and you’re throwing in a guy in Freel who is eligible all over the field and also adds the steals. See if you can get a third player of some value thrown in there — a setup reliever who might help you or a fifth outfielder you can use on Mondays and Thursdays. This is a pretty good deal now but I think you can push for a little more.


Brad one mistake we as fantasy players need to avoid is overpaying for our sins from draft day. Luckily for you you seem to have a shot at getting a premier guy in Victor  at a horrible fantasy position. In an AL only league I moved my boy Dan Haren and Greg Zaun for Jorge Posada and Rodrigo Lopez. If I didn’t get the arm back even though it was a lesser arm then Haren’s I wouldn’t have done the deal. My point being don’t like you say “kill” yourself just because you hate having Olivo. If you have the depth in the OF I would much rather you traded Berkman for Victor and say a 5th OF. Leave Furcal and Freel out of this if you can.

Happy Hony Tonk Koronka Donk Day

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Guardado is no longer the Mariners primary closer, manager Mike Hargrove told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Thursday morning. The closing work will be spread around the bullpen, Hargrove said. J.J. Putz and Rafael Soriano figure to see the bulk of the save situations. But, according to the report at least, lefty George Sherrill could close, too,


M. Alou was carted off the field and an apparent ankle injury. He fell down chasing a foul ball and never tired to stand.

Broadway Joe

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