Oh the Royals and unread e-mail for the 8th of May.

"We’re all trying to get on the same page … Well, I guess we’ve been on the same page. We’ve all been *******. We want to get on a different page."
–Royals outfielder Emil Brown, on the team’s struggles (Kansas City Star)

Ryan in Minneapolis writes:

I just wanted to make a case for early-season trading. In one league 
(12 team mixed, 25 man rosters) i traded up from Michael young, 
griffey, and Delgado, and after a few trades with a few different 
people (which involved obtaining guys like gomes and lackey and 
flipping them after hot early starts) during the first week of the 
season, i ended up with Vlad, teixera, and peavy. you won’t find a 
league where you can draft Vlad, teixera, David wright, Dunn, victor 
Martinez, and peavy with your first 6 picks.

(in case you’re wondering, the rest of the offense hasn’t been hurt 
with the trading; I’ve got weeks, hardy, edmonds, and Edwin 
encarnacion set as my other starters)


Ryan, I’m all in favor. It’s never too early to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team and the rest in your league, or to take advantage of buying opportunities when other owners panic. One of the mantras of the 411 is that hitters hit, so within reason, I’m all in favor of making early deals to pick up undervalued bats that should improve as the season progresses.


My big issue with Cory was having a problem with people who don’t want to trade early not necessarily the theory of trading early. Granted I’m more patient in a 12 team mixed to try and not shoot myself in the foot by overpaying for a player when I had a good one to begin with. In a deep non-mixed I am the opposite. I jump on people right away because teams will clam up the further you get along whether it’s because they don’t want to make changes or are so bad they have lost interest altogether. You obviously did a great job, but I think you’re an exception because if you think about it how many owners in your league could have pulled this off since you can only make so many moves if everyone is doing it.

For more fantasy insight catch me and Cory weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on the MLB.com Fantasy 411. for more info go to www.mlbradio.net.



Contreras might need a trip to the DL with hip and/or back problems, the White Sox official site reports. The team will decide on his status on Tuesday afternoon. White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper said that the injury came out of the blue after playing catch on Sunday. “It would be a minor miracle if he could start on his day, based on how I saw him walking around on Sunday,” Cooper added. “I’m still hoping for a miracle, like what happened in Spring Training.”

My philosophy is trade early and trade often. Always look to improve but never trade for the sake of trading.
“The moves that you make in April have more affect on the final placement of your team than any other factor after the draft. The players that you drop will have less time to impact your team and those that you acquire will have more time to help your team. Just keep in mind that the pitcher you dropped may get it together and that hitter that you dropped may find his swing as there is still plenty of time. Don’t make matters worse by dropping a player too soon and giving your opponent those home runs or wins.”

GP in Cincinnati

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