Yanks vs Sox and Unread E-mail of the day for May 9th 2006.

Getting this done now because I will be distracted by the anticipation of tonights Unit vs Beckett game in the boogie down that I will be attending. I know alot of people not in the Northeast roll their eyes at the whole Yankee vs Red Sox hype, so I will just say this, as far as I’m concerned this rivalry lives up to the hype ten fold. I have alot of respect for Giants/Dodgers, Cards/Cubs and some of the ones brewing in the AL Central, but you look at how this rivalry has escalated in the past three plus seasons with the amount of times they have played (52 in a two year span including the ALCS) and it really turn these two cities on their heads. If it’s not your cup of tea no sweat, there are plenty of great games the next few days.

on to the unread of the day

Tom in Boston:

10 team 5×5 23 man rosters.  We have a 1500 innings cap, but Pitch or Ditch is not an option (twice weekly transactions with FAAB).  I am going to pick up somebody on the wire, which of these guys do you like most?

Tom Glavine
El Duque
Chris Young
Aaron Harang
Brad Radke
King Bannister

Here is my staff right now
Freddy Garcia


Stash Harden on the DL and pick up Harang; even though he pitches in a tough home park he’s a List of 12 favorite for this year and has so far backed that up with an excellent K/BB ratio. I also like Chris Young, since his youth and very favorable home park give him plenty of upside. Garcia is the first guy I’d cut, followed by Maddux; his hot start may or may not continue but wins will be scarce without Derrek Lee around to drive the Cubs "offense".


Harang is the guy Tom, even though Glavine is tempting I can’t see him keeping it up with the strikeouts. I have a glimmer of hope that Gracia can turn it around. But in a ten team league I’ll take Harang and cut Garcia.

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Millwood, oops

Where is Kip Wells when you need him🙂

millwood is DTM

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