2nd Base is featured on two unreads for May 11th 2006.

Andrew in VA asks:

I’ve been listening to your pod cast for a while and have been hearing patience being preached with Marcus Giles– the guy is killing me now. I was thinking of grabbing Lowell or Uggla off waivers – any suggestions?

When interrogated by Jack Bauer, the fifth dentist cracked and admitted he recommends Colgate.


I don’t mind picking up Lowell or Uggla since they are both swinging the bats well right now, but I wouldn’t give up on Giles. He’s historically a slow starter but picks it up over the summer months and should still be a good bet to hit around .300 with 15 or more homers and steals. Once he gets hot, he’ll start scoring more runs and should end up at or over 100, since the top half of the Braves lineup is very productive, although his RBI totals will be weaker this year than in past seasons.


I would pick up Lowell and stash Giles. I think if you cut Giles someone else will pick him up immediately which means he has value.


brad writes:

hey guyz

show is nuts.

had a question about my second basemen.  i drafted

cantu but hes hurt.  when is he coming back?  and also

who should i play at second while hes hurt?  i have

Brandon Philips there now.  some guyz on the waiver

wire are: Loretta, cano, Jose Lopez, vidro, biggio,

barfield, todd walker, belliard, and Craig counsel. *

i could use some steals.


Cantu will be out at least through the end of the month and possibly longer. If you need speed, go for Barfield, since he has seven and chips in with a little power, too. Those are all solid options, though, so don’t be afraid to play the hot hand.


I stick with Phillips but keep a close eye on the situation because Griffey Jr was just activated and is back in the lineup tonight. If Phillips gets benched twice in the next few days you have to go out and get someone who plays everyday like Barfield so you keep the speed quota going.

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