Cole Hamels and unread for 5-15-06

Sean in Boston writes:

A guy in my league just picked up Hamels and said he would deal him. I have Granderson and Huff to deal and he said he wants Huff? Should I do this deal straight up? Thanks


If you have offense to spare and need pitching, I’d go for it. Huff will heat up as the season progresses — he’s always been a slow starter — but he can’t be viewed as an elite or irreplaceable offensive player. And while Hamels is very risky in some respects — he’s young, inexperienced, has a long history of injuries, etc. — his upside is enormous. This is a classic deal of risk vs. reward, and I think the reward outweighs the risk. I’d do it.


I’d do it too. Two of Cole’s injuries resulted because he was immature (broke hand playing football and again sticking up for a buddy in a fight) so I think he’ll stay out of trouble. The big question is what is Hamels worth period? This is extremely similar to King Felix, Rich Harden and Scott Kazmir’s ascensions to the bigs and how clamored people were for them. Since it is “only” Huff and not say Carlos Lee then go for it.

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With Francisco Liriano now in the Twins rotation, I can’t remember the last time there were so many solid, young strikeout pitchers in the majors at one time. I mean, when you look at Hamels, Liriano, Justin Verlander and Felix Hernandez, you’ve got an impressive group.

Btw, next Friday Liriano faces King Felix in Seattle.


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