unread e-mail for May 16th.

the lancaster lumber co. writes

Hey Guys,

Listen all the time.  Love the Pirates, Love the Steelers, Hate the Lebron.

Here’s the scoop: 13 team 5×5 mixed keeper with 2 catcher spots, 1st 2nd short and 3rd, MI, CI, 5 OF and a Utility spot.  I am dead last in Runs, Homers, RBI, and Average.  Second in the Steals category.  I just approved this trade and wanted to make sure I am doing the right thing.

I get Derrek Lee and Jason Michaels and I give up Carl Crawford.

With Barfield, Figgins, Furcal, and Corey Patterson left to swipe bags, is this a worthwhile trade for me?

the lancaster lumber co.


Lumber, this would be a fair value trade if Derrek Lee were healthy and playing every day, but he’s not so it’s not. In case you’ve been on vacation to Tibet, you should know by now that Lee is sidelined with a broken wrist and is easily a month away from returning, if not longer. You can definitely afford to deal Crawford’s speed, but not for a guy who’s on the DL, not even Derrek Lee.


WOW, Cory just killed you!

in fairness if your looking to Lee for the second half it’s a risky trade but not exactly a great one.

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For the Papelbon haters out there

Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein indicated Hansen, who started Game 2 of a doubleheader on Monday, could get more starts this year, the Boston Herald reports. The Red Sox have Hansen on a structured development program designed for him to pitch longer outings and use all of his pitches, and not necessarily to become a starter. “He may get some more starts not only to guarantee his innings but also because starting may be the best way to address some specific developmental goals,” Epstein said in an e-mail Tuesday. Hansen has been trained as a closer, but if Boston wants to use him this season, it may have to be as a starter because of Jonathan Papelbon’s presence at the back end of the bullpen.


Cantu set to come back around June 1st

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