Unread e-mail for May 17th 2006 and saves.

I wanted to use this e-mail because it stuck with our theme on saves the last few years I mean days and it’s a tad comparable to the Baez/Saito situation in LA.

For more info on closers check out the new 411 roundtable question on the fantasy homepage.

Chris from Cali:

Hi Mike/Corey,
I’m in a 11 team 4×4 AL Only deep keeper league and even KC Closers have
value.  With Burgos blowing saves and MacDougal still hurt, who is next in
line for all those KC saves? Dessens? Peralta? I know almost nothing about
Please help,


Chris, this is a **** shoot among **** shoots. Burgos had been pitching very well before blowing his last three save chances, and the Royals love his arm, so I wouldn’t assume he’ll be removed from the role. Dessens has pitched very well but has been valuable in middle relief, and Sisco has struggled too much to be viewed as an option. That would seem to leave the 29-year-old Peralta, who has pitched well in limited opportunities this season and has struck out over a batter per inning throughout his minor His upside is probably limited but he’s worth a cheap bid on speculation. In any case, remember that the Royals have only 10 wins this season, so it’s not like anyone is going to see that many save chances.


The one thing that jumps out at me Chris is that you are in an 11 team league. Would it be "easier" to just go out and make a trade since there are not as many needs for a closer? I would explore that before worrying about the Royals and Burgos. Joel Peralta is doing ok, but let’s not make him into Scot Shields. Worrying about who is next in line for save sin KC is like worrying about when the bikini clad ladies are coming back to the North Pole.

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Hey guys love the show Great to see you blogging



I read last night that the Royals have named Dessens the new closer. I picked him up, because I am very needy in the Saves department.


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