unread for may 19th 2006

I’m off to Mets vs Yanks at Shea so this one is all Schwartz. Have a great interleague weekend, no offense to Braves and Dbax fans. Kevin needs to be careful with the Norris slander even though lets be honest he is no Jack Bauer. The girl who played Michelle Dressler was smokin by the way…….Siano

Kevin writes:

Hey guys, thanks for all the great advice. I started listening over a year ago, and you guys provide some of the most reasoned advice on FBB, free or otherwise. I’m in a 12-team mixed 5×5, in first place and not really looking for a deal, but was offered the following:

I get:
J. Francoeur
C. Zambrano

I give:
C. Lee
F. Liriano

I think I could use Zambrano as a SP1, and am okay giving up Lee’s bat.  The Liriano-Francouer part of the deal makes me balk.  Is lee for zambrano straight up fair value?  Are there any other players I could include so I don’t need to play Feliz or Johnson?

Oh, and I was never really a big fan of Chuck No……


I’d pass on that deal. Zambrano is a solid #2 starter, and Liriano is still something of an unknown, but with a 32-to-4 K-BB ratio in his first 12 relief appearances this season, it’s reasonable to assume that he should make a smooth adjustment to the rotation. The real difference is between Lee and Francoeur; Francoeur is hot now and should provide good power as the season goes along, but Lee is a far more polished hitter with a consistent track record. He’s a sure thing to go 285-30-100 with a dozen steals, and if he’s able to maintain the excellent plate discipline he’s shown so far this season, a 300-40-120 season is not out of the question. Keep your two players, both of whom have excellent upside.

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Wow! The Yanks can’t seem to catch a break with these injuries and with Chacon going on the DL….


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