unread for may 23rd 2006

After 6 straight hours of meetings for my real job (and you guys want us doing two hours a day? I’m flattered seriously but we’ll be dead by All-Star) here is the unread…….Siano

All you Schwartz.

Andrew writes:

10 Team, H2H, Bunch of Categories


Have both Thome and Howard for backups at 1B, and not enough roster spots to play them all.  I’ve shopped them both, but there doesn’t seem to be much interest.  Two different offers for Pujols…

Pujols/B. Molina/Otsuka for Johan/V.Mart

Pujols for Michael Young/Rivera

I feel like my starting pitching is a bit substandard for a 10 team league, and feel I have enough Offense to compensate for losing Pujols.  It’s tough to lose Otsuka though…  What are your thoughts on the trades?


I wouldn’t worry much about losing Otsuka in a 10-category league, since his saves add little value that he didn’t already have as a result of his strong ratios. The big issue is whether or not it’s a good idea for you to deal Pujols, and I don’t mind the first deal. Santana is the most valuable starting pitcher out there, so if you’re going to give up Pujols, he’s the starter to get. The upgrade from Molina to Martinez is enormous, and it’s costing you Otsuka to get it. You’ll miss the saves a little, but it shouldn’t be that hard to find a useful reliever to take his place… check out Juan Rincon, who’s been very effective lately.

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Hamels is a scratch for today’s (24th) start.

Sore left shoulder.

Cantu back on June 2nd

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