late news and unread for may 24th 2006

What a late flourish of news! El Duque to the Mets for Jorge Julio, Cole Hamels on the DL and Chris Carpenter and Kerry Wood missing starts?

Here is the unread for the day……..Siano

Steve in Dublin…..California


I could use your help.  I’m in a 4X4, NL only league, weekly transaction, Roto league.  Currently I’m in first place and have a commanding lead with stolen bags with Reyes, H. Ramirez and Lofton on my roster.  However, my team needs home runs BAD.  I traded Roberts for Craig Wilson a while back only in time for Wilson to sit on an ice cube and go stone cold. 

My strength of my team is in pitching yet I could use another closer beyond the two I already have, Wagner and Fuentes.

So I currently have two deals on the table, both with the second place team.

I’ve offered Lofton and either Bush or Maholm for Hoffman and Preston Wilson.  My other offer is H. Ramirez and Bush or Maholm for Hoffman and Vidro.

Would you do any of these deals?  I’d love to get my hands on Hoffman but my focus here is more offensive, especially home runs.  Also, I’m very concerned about the possibility of either Vidro or P. Wilson going on the DL with their recent history of injuries.

Thanks and I’ll be listening on my iPod.


Two solid closers like Wagner and Fuentes should be enough in an unmixed league, so if you need depth there, you’re probably better off trying to get it for free off the waiver wire than you are by trading for it. Power will be harder to come by, so you’re better off focusing on that in your trade efforts. I wouldn’t do either of those deals, they don’t suitably address your need.

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Heya Siano-man,

You mentioned yesterday that you had a “real job”? You mean being a Roto God is not your main gig?! Say it isn’t so! And btw, we don’t want “2” hours a day…we want “24” hours a day! muhahahaha

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