unread for may 25th 2006

Hey guys, Tim from Madison

Absolutely love the show.  Long-time listener, first time email-er.

Alright, here’s the great dilemma:

Head to head, 5×5, 10-team, weekly keeper league with the following categories:

Batting: HR, OBP, R, RBI, SB

Pitching: ERA, K, S, W, WHIP

We have to fill both corners with 1B and 3B.  3 OF, 1 Utility, and standard middle infield.  23-man roster with 7 active pitchers required for the week.  We can keep 8 players.

A guy in our league recently dropped Aramis Ramirez and he’s on waivers for two days until Saturday morning.  I’d love to get him, but I have too many options at third base already: Lowell, Chipper and Cantu (DL for now).  I’ve been playing Lowell at third and Chipper at utility, but Cantu is coming back soon.

Here’s my lineup:







Carlos Lee

Vernon Wells




with Derek Lee and Jorge Cantu on the bench (we have one DL spot).

Who should I drop to get Ramirez, assuming he’s still available (I’m number five on the waiver wire)?  I’m thinking, drop Morneau and try to deal Cantu, Lowell or Chipper to make room for Ramirez.  Good idea, bad idea?  Assuming I can get Ramirez, of the four 3Bs, who should I deal and what could I expect in return?  I need speed and strikeouts badly.  Maybe having four 3Bs is ridiculous, but Aramis will only get better and has shown some signs of life lately.

By the way, what do you think of this trade I made before the start of the season?  I gave up Manny for Carlos Lee and Suzuki.  Still need more speed, especially with Lee on the DL.

Thanks for any input you might have.


I’d take Ramirez over Cantu; even though he’s expected back within the next 10-14 days, you already have a loaded middle infield with Kent, Tejada and Lowell. Morneau isn’t hitting for much average but that should continue to rise, and his power numbers are fine; plus, you need the depth at 1B in case Swisher slumps, too. In any case, you definitely have depth to deal from, and position flexibility, so find the trade partner whose roster best fits your needs and let him drive the deal by telling you which players he likes.

BTW, we love Manny, but I love your trade, too.


I’m with Cory, Aramis and Morneau to be is better the Morneau and Cantu or Aramis and Cantu. With a ten team league you can cut some ties easier when a player slumps so it’s good to have depth and a backup and since you have that depth already like Cory said at MI you should hang on to Morneau.

If you are going to deal Manny, that’s the kind of deal you need to get. How about Ichiro 18 game hitting streak and Carlos Lee has been slumping but is still having a tremendous year so far, contract year anyone?

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