unread for may 30th 2006

Jeff in KC…..

This show is my heroin and I had the shakes all weekend and Monday.

14 team standard mixed 5×5 keeper where we keep 3 players. I traded Berkman
for Bonds/Billy Wagner/Kendry Morales. I think people assume that Bonds
would not be a keeper in a league like this, but what if he gets traded to
the Yankees or something like that and DH’s for 2 more seasons – his keeper
value would be high heading into 2007 assuming you’d get nothing out of him
in the future.

What are your thoughts on this scenario – am I smoking crack?


Jeff, the drug references are a little worrisome to me, we have a fine Employee Assistance Program here at the 411 and we’d be happy to refer you for some professional counseling. That said, the drugs are doing well for your brain; I like this deal very much. Although Bonds has sent plenty of mixed signals on the subject, I think you got enough in return that you can claim fair value even if he does retire… Wagner is a top-shelf closer and Morales has enough time this year to establish whether or not he’ll have any long-term value. Your best-case scenario is that he hits .300 with power the rest of the way, Bonds signs with the A’s, and you keep all three. Worst case, you get to keep an elite closer, so it was a worthy gamble.


There is a restaurant near me that years ago had a clam shucker who was a recovering heroin user. Let’s just say that watching a guy on Methadone shuck clams is pretty awkward.


Jeff, you could argue Berkman for Wagner straight up in most leagues so the fact that you get Bonds and Kendry Morales back is a great deal. If Bonds retires so what. I really think he’ll be in the AL next year because the experience of 715 rejuvenated him for the moment to chase Aaron. Morales will be around for good without a doubt in 2007 since it looks like the Angels need to revamp their offense.

Now go watch Pulp Fiction and don’t be a square.

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I don’t care if Bonds is just hanging out on the bench every game in the American League. He won’t post numbers anywhere near the ones he did in the 2000-04 period. He can’t run anymore and eventually, pitchers will stop walking him (232 times in ’04). He won’t be that valuable and I don’t see the Yankees paying him much to keep him…certainly not $22 million for one year! (Cough, cough Clemens.)

Speaking of Clemens, I traded him early in the season and I have no desire to get him back because he has been out of baseball for so long.



Hey sterno who’s your mvp this year, are the tigers for real, do they have enough to win the hot division race and do they keep or dump todd jones. One more Question. Out of all the teams that have played this year and considering their records who will win it all

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