About time Roger!!!!!!

Joe the software engineer writes…..

I’ve had Clemens on my bench since the draft.

Currently in 1st, should I throw Clemens out for his first start or wait and see how he looks first?

Will check the podcast and blog for answer later.



Joe, based on the Astros’ initial timetable for bringing Clemens back into the rotation, you have plenty of time to make a decision. This initial plan calls for him to make three minor league starts, one at each level, before rejoining the Astros on June 22 to start against the Twins. Although there should will always be plenty of uncertainty about any 40-something starter, Clemens is a special case and worth starting against any team, any time. After three minor league starts he should have a high enough pitch count to go fairly deep into the game, and even if the Twins offense is hot it still isn’t among of the best in the league, so they shouldn’t scare you off. In a sentence: he’s Roger Clemens, and when he pitches, you have to use him.


The more I think of it the more I have a sneaky suspicion Roger doesn’t’ make those three starts, that he feels great after two and gets himself out there sooner. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s worth keeping an eye on, there is no reason to believe that he is out of shape and just needs some fine tuning to get into baseball shape both mental;mentally and physically. He is a must start and you must find room for him. I made the mistake of recommending CC Sabathia stay benched for his first start back and I am trying not to make that mistake again with a pitcher of CC’s or Roger’s caliber.

I really hand it to every owner who hung on to Clemens these two months making them play shorthanded. We have had a good week in baseball. Barry Bonds finally hit # 715 so his death grip on MLB is now a poke, Gagne solves one more bullpen mess and Clemens finally made a decision. All we need now is to get Chris Retisma some saves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kornoka Donk got Koronka Zonked today!

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Da-n Mike,
That Koronka zonked joke must be one of the worst jokes ever on this blog😀

Fortunately I seem to have the same weird sense of humour as you!

Bertil from Sweden

consider it retired!

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