unread for June 5th 2006

Rob in the Bay Area

Hey guys, great show.  I have been listening to the podcast since the beginning of the season. 

Here’s my question.  I am the commish in a 11 team 6X6 keeper league (errors and holds) and currently in 1st.  This trade was recently vetoed, can you tell me if it was justified?

I give up: Webb, Gomes & Blake
I get: Peavy & David Wright. 

In speaking with some other GM’s they felt that this was unfair b/c both of the guys that I would be getting are potential keepers.  On the flip side, they felt that none of the guys that I an giving up were.  Thoughts? 


I think it would be a great trade for you — even with his hot start I’d rather have Peavy over Webb, and Wright is the best player in the deal — but I don’t think it should’ve been vetoed, since there is plenty of present value for both sides. All of the players involved are having good-to-great years so, absent any evidence of collusion, I think this deal should’ve been allowed.


While I don’t think this deal should be vetoed I can see why some GM’s have an issue. One saving grace on this should be the pitchers involved. Peavy is dealing with Tendonitis and this could become a bigger problem for him while Webb has been incredible so far this year. Gomes and Blake vs. David Wright is close enough to let this go through. Blake’s trending back towards earth could be harsh, but if he doesn’t go ice cold he will end up having value. I like Gomes a lot more then Cory and think he can be a valuable asset on a fantasy team. If Peavy ends up healthy this is a very good deal for you but should not be vetoed.

Happy Birthday to the biggest baseball fan I ever met, Mike Siano Sr.

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It seems like there’s something wrong with the podcast for June 5. I can’t download it on my itunes.

I agree that this trade shouldn’t have been vetoed. Gomes and Webb are keepers in my opinion.

Yeah, I had a problem downloading it too.

The message read there was a problem downloading “MLB.com Fantasy 411: 06/05/06 that the URL http://dds.mlb.com/mp3/fantasy411/060306_fantasy411.mp3 could not be found on the server

yeah looks like someone dropped the ball , check for it by end of tomorrows show.


What is Moziac? I just heard the gys talk about it on the show. This is how they found out about the possible Zambrano no no.

Mike Wish


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