unread for june 7th

Jonathan Mayo joined the show today to talk about what players drafted yesterday have the best shot to make it to bigs in 2006 or 2007. He came on about 40 minutes into the show so check it out for those in keeper leagues…….Siano

Keegan in St Louis writes….


A couple of weeks ago you mentioned that speedy players pickup a lot of their steals off of teams that allow a lot of them, either because of a catcher with a week arm or pitchers with slow deliveries.  I have been using this to pickup steals for a couple of years now, and it works great for me.  The only reason I waited this long to respond, is because I know a league mate of mine is not listening today.  I usually draft a few guys that will pickup around 20-30 steals for me like Abreu, or David Wright, and not pay too much for the one dimensional guys.  This year I drafted Wright, Abreu, and Jimmy Rollins to start with.  I have been able to pick up Barfield, Vizquel, and Dave Roberts off waivers for their “speed weeks” as I like to call them.  I pick them up right before they steal 5-6 in a week and then let them go before they play teams like Detroit. 
This week for instance, I picked up Lofton who has series against the Mets, Rockies, and Padres.  All of these teams are fairly easy to run on, especially the Padres.

Looks to me like over the next week or two, teams like the Yankees, Phillies, Rockies, Marlins, and Tigers could be good sources for cheap steals.

Yankees-         June 13th-18th     Three games against the Indians, and three against the Nationals.

Phillies-           June 9th-18th         Three games against the Nationals, three against the Mets, and three against the Devil Rays.

Tigers-             June 9th-18th    Three games against the Blue Jays, three against the Devil Rays, and three against the Cubs.

Rockies-          June 9th-18th    Three games against the Dodgers, and four against the Nationals.

Marlins-          June 9th-18th    Three games against the Padres, and three against the Blue Jays.


Keegan, I like this strategy a lot… I’m also not a big fan of speed "specialists", although I did end up with Figgins (drafted) and Roberts (free agent pickup) on my 411 listener league team this year. The only concern I have is that you use your designated speedster as you would a pitch or ditch guy; try to position him in your utility spot so you can take advantage of different opportunities without disrupting your regular lineup, and don’t get too attached to someone whose value is so tightly wrapped up in this category. That is, once you get your 3-4 steals from Lofton this week, feel free to cut him against Oakland and Pittsburgh!

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Interesting strategy. Too bad you posted this question since now his league mate can see his strategy even after the day he’s not listening.

Any 411 hardcore personages up for a mid-season league?

12 team 5×5 mixed: 13 hitters (only 1 C) and 9 pitchers. 3 Bench and 1 DH.

Send me an email if so. Private league to hopefully weed out the chaff.

Serious, active owners only please.

Broadway Joe

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