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Long Island, NY

Hi guys,

I am in a 10 team mixed head-to-head 7×7 league.  The extra hitting categories are OPS and Errors.  I am a disgruntled Sexson owner and I am wondering if it is time to pull the plug on him.  Free agents include Helton, Broussard, and Casey. 

Also, I currently have Cantu, Uggla and Chipper and can only play 2.  Who should I deal?


I still wouldn’t cut bait on Sexson, who has produced four homers and 15 RBI’s over the last 11 games, the type of power production you expected from him at the start of the season. The low batting average is still a big concern, which is compounded by his nagging foot troubles and the steep drop off in his walk rate, but his power along makes him more valuable than Broussard or Casey. Helton probably has the greatest upside of the bunch, but he hasn’t done much this year either so I’d rather gamble that Sexson’s power surge will continue.

As far as the three other guys, I’d try to deal Uggla, who just doesn’t have a track record to support this level of production. His inexperience and home ballpark are likely to catch up with him at some point — just as has started to happen to Hanley Ramirez — so try to cash in now.

South Shore in the hizzo!!


I think cutting Sexson is a big mistake. He has 42 RBI and hasn’t really heated up yet. He’ll back into 100 RBI’s at worst. Can Casey or Broussard owners say that? I am a Sexson owner and refuse to give up on him. The fact he had a great year last year leads me to believe this is just a poor first half. To me it is crazy to think he is this year’s bust guy.

I agree with Cory on Uggla. Chipper is Chipper and Cantu has already started to pay off with numbers since returning from DL.

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