Josh in Illinoiying writes….

What’s your take on Jojima?  Am I better off leaving him in, dropping Jose Castilla and picking up Martin or Ross, or drop Jojima and pick up one of the waiver catchers?



Johjima is faring about as well as should’ve been expected, which is to say he’s having a good but not great season and struggling at times to deal with the adjustments pitchers are making to him. I think he’ll continue along his current pace and finish around .280 with 12-15 homers and 65-70 RBI’s. Martin has a greater upside, though, because he should hit for a higher average and chip in with a few steals, which he did consistently throughout the minors… think of him as a Jason Kendall type with more power. Castillo has been awesome in PNC Park this year but weak on the road, and the Pirates are in the middle of a long home stand so I’d keep him in the lineup for now.

In summary: try to find a spot for Martin but not by cutting Castillo, at least not right now. Then deal Johjima to someone who REALLY needs a catcher, and put Martin in there. Then, when the Pirates go on the road, cut Castillo and pick up a player with someone to replace the guy you cut to make room for Martin. Got it?🙂



Even thought the catchers position is looking up with the guys you have named etc… it is still not deep enough other GM’s aren’t looking for help. If you can create depth at a position that has very little then you can hopefully cash in on that depth. Get the best deal possible with Johjima and hope for the best with martin and Castillo. If a deal doesn’t come along that you like then hang on to Johjima and play the splits/hot hand with the other slot.

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