unread for june 15th 2006

Rich (from Mass)

Hi guys,
Just read that Cleveland plans to use Hafner at first base for the 
first game  of interleague play. But after that, who knows? Can you 
run down the list of DH’s who are likely to miss most games during 
interleague play? I believe that Oakland is considering putting 
Frank Howard on the DL during interleague play since he has a sore 
quad. I also believe that David Ortiz will get some starts at 1b. But 
how about guys like Johnny Gomes, Giambi, and other DH’s?



Rich, of the primary DH’s who have any meaningful fantasy value, I would rank them in this order in terms of who stands to lose the most playing time in interleague play:

Frank Thomas (he might even go on the DL since they won’t use him at all at 1B)
Carl Everett (can he even play the OF any more?)
Jonny Gomes (a sore shoulder will probably prevent him from playing the field)
Travis Hafner (better than Broussard offensively, but not a real option in the field)
Shea Hillenbrand (he might give Overbay or Glaus a day off but otherwise he’ll pinch-hit)
Javy Lopez (he’ll give Ramon Hernandez a rest or two but isn’t really an option at 1B)
Jim Thome (probably still trustworthy at 1B, but Konerko is entrenched)
David Ortiz (they’ll probably rotate him, Youkilis and Lowell as they did last time)
Jason Giambi (Andy Phillips will get a game or two but Giambi should play most of the time)

I’ll be hoping Thome gets to play out there a little.🙂

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Bad News Broadway Joe, the public has found out that Johnny Archive is particiapting in this mid-season league. Now they know that they have no chance at winning, so I doubt they’ll even try. Muhahahaha


aka Johnny Archive


Actually interest is picking up, though I am sure you are a legend in you own mind 😉

We’ve hijacked the Fantasy 411 blog! C’mon Siano-man and/or Schwartznator join the league too! We dare, double dare, double-dog dare you!


aka Johnny Archive


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